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Crest of Sir Thomas Storey

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Thursday, 31 January 2008
by Brad Storey


Bishop Wearmouth Storys, including Newcastle-upon-Tyne Storys,74
Early Storis, Stores, Stures, Sturys, (la Stor, Le Stur, Le Styr), To be read as Sheet 1,
     in connection with Storeys of Old Hutton, Troutbeck, Westmorland, Furness and Lancaster
Fletcher of Frizington 340
Gardner-Storey Addendum136
Lushington of Elmated, Co, Kent, Appendix325
Macheli Pedigree284
Patrickson Pedigree -I.298
Patrickson Pedigree -II.299
Patrickson Pedigree -III.300
Patrickson Pedigree -IV.314
Patrickson Pedigree -V.317
Rothbury Storeys (R.C.)94
Rothbury Storeys, Hillside, Rothbury, Felton, Snitter, Blue Knox and Moral Hirst104
Sherren Pedigrees320
Storeysgate Storeys174
Storeys of London (South Hampstead) (G.A. Storey, R.A.)194
Storey and Story, Tanners' and Barkers' Company, Newcastle-upon-Tyne (See also appendix)75-76
Storeys or Storers of Hawkworth, Co, Nottingham45
Storeys of Beanley and Abberwick, Northumberland48,50,51
Storeys of Lancaster, Sheet II. (Old Hutton, Troutbeck and Furness)116-117
Storeys of Lancaster, Sheet III.123
Storeys of Garstang, Addendum130-131
Storeys of Bolton-le-Sands, Addendum136-137
Storey, White and Machel Addendum132-133
Storeys of Oxford136-137
Storeys of Cartmel and Kendal138-139
Storeys of Cripplegate, London178
Storye of Broade Street, London179
Storys of Bingfield, Hexham, now of Bingfield, Co. Cavan60-72
Storys of Bishop Wearmouth74
Storys of Newcastle-upon-Tyne80
Storys of Penrith155-156
Storys of Justice Town, Kirklinton144-145
Storys of the Lake, Kirklinton148-149
Storys of Cargo150-151
Storys of Shaddon Gate and Evening Hill, Carlise156-157
Story, Notes on, by K.J. Story82-85
Storys and Storeys in the Brough Court Rolls150-151
Storys of London174-193
Storys of Lockington, Co. Leicester167
Storys of Boston, U.S.A.161
Storeys of Brooklyn, U.S.A.164-165
Story, Marquise Peruzzi di Medici née164
Story, Comtesse de Buisearet née164
Tanners' and Barkers' Company, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and Story Members76