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Crest of Sir Thomas Storey

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Thursday, 31 January 2008
by Brad Storey

Illustrations and portraits

Altar Tomb of Bishop Story of Carlisle and Chichester36-37
Arms of the Company of Tanners and Barkers, Newcastle-upon-Tyne81-82
Arms of Families to whom Storeys of Westmorland and Lancaster are allied245,250-251
Ballrigg Manor238-239
Boulton, Mrs., of Croft House, Roose, Barrow-in-Furness290-291
Browne, George, of Town End, Troutbeck, Westmorland346-347
Buisscret, Comtesse de, and Children164-165
Calder Abbey294-295
Julian, Rev. C. E. (late), of Milsted, Sittingbourne236-237
Lynehow (formerly Justice Town, near Carlisle)188-189
Medallion Portrait of Bishop Edward Story, of Carlisle et subs Chichester36-37
Patrickson, William, of Dalesgarth, Aldingham, Furness290-291
Portraits of Arms of Families to whom Storeys of Westmorland and Lancaster are allied250-251
Storey, Mrs Issac, née Patrickson290-291
Storey, Sir Thomas, J.P., D.L.218-219
Storey, Herbert Lushington, J.P., D.L.228-229
Storey, Captain Kenneth Lushington284-285
Storey, John226-227
Storey, Edward, J.P., of Crosslands, Lancaster226-227
Storey, William, J.P.226-227
Storey, Joseph226-227
Storey, Captain William234-235
Storey, Isaac Henry, J.P., of Loughrigg, Ambleside234-235
Storey, John, of Garstang (an old Mayor of)130-131
Storey, Mr Harry, of Ceylon234-235
Storey, Ralph S., of Beanley, Alnwick, J.P.50-51
Storey, Robert, Northumbrian Poet200-201
Storey, Three - Joseph, of Preston near Brighton, Sussex; Edward, of Hanwell London;
     and Herbert L. Storey, of Lancaster, all of whom accidentally met on board the "Argonaut,"
     en route for Norway
Storey, George Adolphus, R.A.194-195
Storey, Col. J. H., U.S.A.160-161
Storey Institute, Lancaster238-239
Story, Bishop Edward, of Carlisle et sub Chichester - Portrait of Medallion (also effigy)36-37
Story, Joseph, Bishop of Killala62-63
Story, Joseph, Archdeacon of Kilmore62-63
Story, Robert Herbert, D.D., Principal and Chancellor of Glasgow University190-191
Story, Alfred Thomas, Author, &c.198-199
Story, John, J.P., of Kirkland, Wigton194-195
Story, Edward John, of Ilfrod, Essex, Dramatist76-77
Story, Henry Harle, Newcastle-upon-Tyne76-77
Story, Hon. Joseph, Chief Justice, U.S.A.194-195
Story, William Westmore, Artist and Poet194-195
Story, Henry Grafton, U.S.A.160-161
Story Memorial in St. John's Churchyard, Newcastle-upon-Tyne76-77
Waller, Rev. Bryan, A.M.236-237