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Crest of Sir Thomas Storey

Copyright © 2007

This page was last updated on
Thursday, 31 January 2008
by Brad Storey


I came by the good fortune to have a copy of this book through my Aunt, Ada Howden nee Story. She had received the original copy of this book from her father, Thomas Story. Aunt "Babs" as we called her, had the good foresight already several years ago, to have this book reproduced 30 times, so that she could share it with her family. I married into the Story in 1989 and arrived with good dose of the genealogy bug already firmly set in. I eagerly set out to establish the family tree and its connections to this genealogy. Our branch of the Story family is firmly grounded in Carlisle, Cumberland County, England. This genealogy has much information on the Storey/Story families of that area and the 4 northern counties of England, but alas, to this date I have still not made a direct link between our families and the genealogies in this book.

This reprinting of "Storeys of Old" came about in December 1998 as a result of my participation in the "Storey/Story" Mailing List over the Internet. A discussion of this rare and hard to find book took place that eventually led to my admission that I had a copy of the book, and the original box of template sheets that my Aunt used for her copies. With a little encouragement I answered the excitement that followed by agreeing to take on the task of having another set of books reprinted. Out of all this has also developed a "Storeys of Old" web site on the Internet. I hope that like my Aunt, I too can give the Storey/Story family a chance to share and explore their heritage.

I have taken the opportunity to add a few extra family descendant charts to the back of this book that belong with this grouping of Storey/Story genealogies. One is of course of our particular family in Carlisle and the other is an update/with some corrections that I received from Storeys in Australia. I hope these pages will be accepted by the family and that others who wish to update or add connected families to this genealogy also take the opportunity to do so. Should there be further requests for printing this book I will be happy to include them in the future.

One oddity in this book is that there is no author credit. I have received information from other Storey/Story relations that the book has been indexed in libraries with the author credit going to RK Rigbeye.

Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada, December 1998,
Wanda Story nee Nijhoff