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Crest of Sir Thomas Storey

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Section I.
Variants of the Name Storey or Story.

The ancient forms of what are now settled into Story, Storey and Storie demonstrate the antiquity of the family. Such variants are met with as Le Ster, Le Stor and Le Stur, then we had Stere, Sterre, Sterrie, Stir, Stirrie, Stiry, Stirry, Stoery, Stora, Storrha, Storar, Storaur, Store, Storee, Storer, Stori, Storier and Storius, Styr. Other forms, are Stoirhoie, Storro, Storror, Storrour, Storrow, Storray, Storyar, Storrez. There Iikewise appear Sture, Sturie, Sturey, Stowrie and Sturrez. Again, we have Esturio (Indian Isturi), Stooree, Stoorie and Stoorey. Storer, unless it represents a distinctly Teutonic race, is a later variant, at any rate in England. Probably it is Teutonic. The Saxon name, Bolebeck, was given to the Esturios.

Just as keynotes the following extracts are given in order to show where such name-variants are to be found. To the uninitiated the process may appear tedious, but tedious or not it is necessary to the purpose and in regard to the pedigrees which must follow.


"Godwin le Ster l222, una p prestura p, ij d. Coddington, Beds. in bruera ante tram sua.

Haginelda, relict of Galfr le Ster t Agnes relicta, Ric, fil Ailward xx. acras t opantur xv. Diebz qu q ' eo t pa res sunt Rad le baude in aliis exceptd qod datum Thomas Gallinas 1222." See "Busts and Portraits in Carlisle Cathedral," p. 118 vol. IV., New Series. Cumb. and Westm. Arch. Soc. Trans.

Joh-s Storensis ii acras et dim. See Doomsday of St. Paul's, Camdem Society.

ln an Assize Roll of the county of Northumberland, 40th Henry III. (1256-7), p. 82
a Johannes le Sturreys is mentioned.

See, "Three Early Assize Rolls for the County of Northumberland, edited by William Page, 1891."

In the Placito de quo Warranto Proceedings temp. Edwards I., II., and III. the name Storeys, is met with in relation to Deulacres Abbey in the County of Stafford, Postea die Lundi pxa post festum Sci Jacobi Apli Venut jur' p' Robtm de Lathun, Robtm de Holamond, Johem de Burnn, Rogem de Burton Joh de Cormby, Johem de Elyas & Alanu de Penyngton, milites, Alanu le Storeys, Robtm de Eccleston, Willm de Lee, Hugon de Clyderhow p Rogm de Middleton qui dicut sup. sacrm fuu qdp' dicus Abbas het. majas jus tenendi pdcm maniu cu p'tinent p, donu & concessionem dni H. Reg' pris dni Reg' nuc & confirmacon dni H. Reg' pris dni Reg nuc & confirmacom dni Reg nuc sicut illud tenet qam dns Rex hendi sicut illud petit, &c.