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Crest of Sir Thomas Storey

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This occurred temp. Edward I, regit 1272-1307. The persons mentioned are sworn as tenants of the Abbey or lands held by the Abbot.

On p. 185 of the same work a Roger de Stures is named under com. Dorset.

In Rotuli Hundredorum is this entry:

Robtús Cumyn P aliis tenet XVII. ac terre cú ptm in Hyndringham q Galfridus Story alienavit eisdm de sokeman ptm ad maner de Wychthon xx ann. Elaps'.

[Hundred de North Grenehog in com Norff.]

The land mentioned formerly belonged to Galfridus Storey.

Ricús de Sture [and Stures] is mentioned as holding lands in both Essex and Lincoln.

In the Testa de Nevill there appear several Storeys in various forms of orthograpby.

On p, 45 there is this entry :
"John Storam iiij pte feodi in Wetemor (Barony of William de Stotevill) Temp. Hen. III. et Ed. I." Com. Salop.

On p, 303-
Robert de Sturis tenz iiij pte uni feodi in Faldingworth temp. Hen. III. et Ed. I. Com. Lindum, (Lincoln.)

A Ricardus Storor is mentioned in the Testamenta Eboracensia (York Wills- Vol III. p. 8),. See Inventory of John de Scardeburgh, Rector of Tichmarsh, October 15 1395.

In English Chronicles (pages 112-113), 1377 to 1461 Camden Society, it appears that Sire Richaide Sturry, an avowed friend of John Wyclif renounced his Lollard opinion rather than be hanged. His renunciation of Wyclif doctrines was made upon a bool in the presence of King Richard II.

In the Calendarium Inquisition Post Mortem., Ricús Stury, Chr [Chevalier] of Bolsore (Bolsover) Castrum, in Com. Deor [Derby], appears temp. Ric. II. and Hen IV. [1422-61, 1461-85].

In the same work there is mentioned Alice. qx, Rici: Stury Chevalier, of *Burnewell Manor, Northumberland; temp, Henry VI., Edward IV. and Richard III (vol. 4, p. 8).

From the above entries it would appear that the Stury or Story family here allude to held lands in Delbyshire and Northumberland.

In Records of the Priory of Hexham, John Story, Acolyle at the Priory, appears in a account of the election of William Bywell to the priorate, 1466. [Surtees Soc., Vol I p. cxvi,]

*I cannot find Burnwell Maner, Northumberland. I find :- "Bernewelle Maner," Northamptonshire (Vol, I., p, 71 Inq Post Mortum). There was a Priory within the manor of "Bernewelle" in Cambridge (p. 107, Vol II. IF). There is a Barnwell in Aryshire. It is difficult to locate Burnewell, Northumberlamd. I cannot persuade myself that it is an old form of benwell.