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Crest of Sir Thomas Storey

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In the Testamenta Eboracensia it is recorded that Archbishop Nevill directed the Vicar General, Robert Killinghall, bachelor of degrees, Richard Morgan, M.A,. and the Prior of Carlisle, to surrender the Registers [of the Cathedral] to Bishop Story. The Prior would probably be Thomas de Haithwaite or Thomas Gondibour.

Dr. Edward Story, or Storey, succeeded Richard le Scrope, alias Scroop, second son of Richard Scrope, of Bolton. Bishop Scrope died May 10th, 1468, having been bishop from 1464.

In the fifth volume of the same work, edited by J. Raine, 1884, there is the will of John Young, Master of the Rolls and Dean of the Metropolitan Church of York, a great friend of Erasmus. This John Young was buried in the Chapel of the Rolls, Chancery Lane, where his monument still remains. To his servants John Sutton, Thomas Laward, John Tompson, John Graye, and John Story, he left X li. [Will proved 17th May, 1516.]

In "Memorials of Beverley Minister" several Storeys are mentioned, and in regard to Finchale Priory a Johannes Story figures in 1485, and in 1528-9 a William Story is named in the Compotus of Prior John Halywell's time. [Comp.exliv., p. ccccxii.]

From "Campbell's Materials for the History of Henry VII.," the following extracts are taken :

1485. To Richard Story, the Queens' Skinner, as well for powdering the ermines for the furring bought of him as for furring the said gown, xxxi li xiiij (£31 14s.), p. 228.

1486. 1st Henry VII. Also paid To Richard Story, Skynner, as well for powderings of ermyns for the same gowns as for furring of the same. xxxi. li xiiij. (ibid)

1486, 1st Henry VII. Grant for life to Walter Story in consideration of true and faithful service of the office of one of the Foresters of the 'Neder Warde,' in the Forest of Inglewode, in the County of Cumberland which office one Richard à Barrowe, deceased, late had and occupied, 20th April. P.S. No. 843. Pat. p. 3 m. 15 (13). Campbells Rolls.

The balance of probability is that Richard Story, the Queen's Skinner, and Walter Story, the Forester at Inglewood, were very near relations of Edward Story, Bishop of Carlisle.

1469, Thomas Store is mentioned concerning timber. 4th Henry VII. Campbell's Rolls.

Again 1591, in Wills and Administrations of Sussex, District Probate Court of Lewes, James Store, of Wilmington, appears.

A Story - the Christian name does not transpire was Chief Carpenter to the King in 1498. Henry VII. [See Westminster Abbey. the King's Craftsmen. A Study of Mediaeval Buildings, by W. R. Letshaby. London : Duckworth & Co., MCMVI.]