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Crest of Sir Thomas Storey

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by Brad Storey


Gillow's "Literary and Biographical History or Bibliographical Dictionary of English Catholics from the Breach with Rome in 1534 to 1902," Vol. V., does not, of course, include Bishop Story, who died thirty-two years before the breach with Rome.

Colonel A. T. Storer confirms the statement as to his branch of the family having anciently been Stories. Writing on the 25th March, 1909, from Keavil, Dean Park Road, Bournemouth, he says:- Mr. Gibbs, now tenant of Lowdham Grange, has forwarded me your letter of the 19th inst, addressed to Dr. Storer there, the doctor having died some years ago. My father. Dr. Storer's elder brother, was fond of genealogy, and I have some papers about the family written by him, but there is nothing amongst them relating to the pedigree of the bishop or to the particulars of his connection with my own ancestors. The following is an extract from my father's notes. I might add that my father and his father before him were Rectors of Hawksworth, and had a small property there.


"This family were, previous to the Reformation, resident in Cumberland, and the name was written Storey as well as Storer. One of his name, Edward Storey, was elected Bishop of Carlisle in 1468, translated to Chichester 1478, and died in 1502. The first, however, of whom we have any positive information migrated into Scotland about the time of the Reformation, and settled in the county of Fife, where his descendants lived for several generations, possessed of considerable property. He was succeeded by his son Thomas, whose successor was John, and this John left a son Michael, &c. . . . . . .Michael Storer died in 1752, aged 93."

Colonel Storer's family was probably connected with that of Major Storer's, of Purley Park, Berks. The Colonel remarks in a postscript-" I have a curious reason for thinking that Major Storer of Purley was a connection of my branch of the family. It is as follows: At a ball a good many years ago (at Oxford, I think), a lady who knew Dr. Storer well heard a gentleman laugh and said to her companion 'Is Dr. Storer here? I am sure that was his laugh.' My uncle had a rather peculiar laugh. The gentleman turned out to be Major Storer, of Purley Park, who was in the Oxfordshire Militia."

The Purley Park Storers or Stories descended from Anthony Storer, born in 1675, younger son of Thomas Storer, Esquire, who held the estate of Thrussington, in the county of Leicester. It appears that the Stories of Lockington, near Loughborough, and Castle Donnington are allied to those of Hawksworth and Thrussington. Nous verrons. Thrussington and Lockington are only a dozen miles apart.

In "Wills and Administrations of Sussex, District Probate Court of Lewes," (British Record Society, Limited, xxiv., 1901), I find the following entries of Storer and Storie:-