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Crest of Sir Thomas Storey

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Fergus Storey had a son John Storey, married to one Anne . . . . John had a brother Fergus, M.A., presented in 1660 to the living of Rothbury. Presentation revoked 25th January, 1660-1.

John Storey married Dorothy, daughter of John Proctor, of Shawdon. Marriage settlement dated 3rd October, 1696, married at Whittingham, 5th October, 1696. Died at Alnwick. Buried 8th April, 1750. Will dated 26th March, 1750.

John Storey was rated for Beanley Tithe in 1663. In 1667 he purchased the west side of Learchild, and on the 16th April, 1677, a moiety of Harehope. He was buried 26th May, 1701.

John Storey had issue Fergus Storey, Arthur, second son of Berrington Law, North Durham. He took a new lease of lands in Beanley, 20th Oct, 1723, which lease he renewed on the 9th June, 1749. Will bears date 5th August, 1760, proved 17th July, 1761. Married Marry . . . . .

    Probates in the possession of Mr. Ralph S. Storey.

Ralph Storey, the third son (Lambert MSS.), of Beanley, married Frances, daughter of Robert Forster, of Hartlaw and Elford. Bond of marriage dated 16th November, 1697. Married 27th January, 1697-8.

    A quo Storey, of Abberwick.

    Thomas Storey, buried 4th June, 1679.

    Alexander Storey, buried 2nd July, 1680.

    George Story, vix. 1694, fourth son, baptized 9th August, 1681.

    James Storey, twin with George Storey, baptized 9th August, 1681, buried 30th November, 1682.

    Mary Storey, buried 21st December, 1666.

    Elizabeth Storey, baptized 24th September, 1668; married 13th January, 1697-8, to Richard Scott, of Middleton, in the parish of Ilderton.

    Mary Storey, married 30th May, 1697, to Frank [Pearson].

    Rachel, married to George Ilderton, of Prendwick. Bond of Marriage dated 9th November, 1691.

    Fergus Storey, of Harehope, son and heir of John Storey, had issue John Storey, of Harehope and Learchild, married to Jane, daughter of Alexander Young, of Newham. Marriage settlement dated 2nd March, 1718-19. Marriage took place at Bamburgh 31st March, 1719. Died at Harehope. Buried 24th November, 1741.

    Fergus Storey, William Storey, George Storey, Thomas Storey, Ford Storey, Thomas Storey, George Storey.