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Crest of Sir Thomas Storey

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buried 25th January, 1773. Sarah Storey, buried 5th October, 1758. George Storey, of the University of Edinburgh, M.A., who entered Christ's College Cambridge, in 1725. He was at Shillington, in Herts., Clerk in holy orders. Was married before the 24th November, 1740, to . . . . . . . . .

Ralph Storey appears to have had issues - Arthur, Ann, Jane, Frances, Rachel and Dorothy. The latter, Dorothy, was married to one Isaac Richardson on the 26th November, 1734.

Ralph Storey, of Alnwick, afterwards of Abberwick, was baptized on the 7th November, 1730. He and his father disposed of part of Abberwick in 1761 (?) to Bryan Burrell. The remaining portion of Abberwick was sold in 1807 to William Burrell. He died at Alnwick, and was buried on the 5th December, 1810. This Ralph was evidently the son of Joseph Storey, of Alnwick, afterwards of Abberwick. He married Ann, daughter of . . . . . Burrell, of Bassington, on the 29th March, 1757. He was buried on the 10th June, 1791.

Ralph Storey and Ann, his wife, née Burrell, had issue:- Joseph Storey, Ralph Storey, Thomas Storey, Ralph Storey, John Storey, Sarah Storey, Margaret Storey, Frances Storey, Margaret Storey, Hannah Storey, Catherine Storey, Mary Storey.

The estate purchased in 1677 by John Storey, of Beanley, was settled January 7th, 1697-8, on the marriage of his third son, Ralph Storey, with Frances, daughter of Ralph Forster, of Elford and Hartlaw, and sister of Robert Forster, of Hartland, who was a party to the settlement. It was re-settled by Ralph Storey, and his eldest son Joseph, April 14th, 1725, one moiety being charged with portions payable to Ralph Storey's daughters and a younger son George on their respective marriages. (See Captain Burrell's Abberwick Deeds.) The moiety so charged was sold in *1771 to Bryan Burrell, of Broome Park, in order to pay off the small sums borrowed from time to time to discharge the said portions; and the residue of the estate which comprised about one hundred and sixty acres was sold in 1807 by Mr. Ralph Storey, then residing at Alnwick, to William Burrell, of Broome Park, who in this way became possessed of the whole township.


Thomas Storrer, of Rothbury, held a moiety of land in Felton, circa 1752- (p. 268, Vol. VII., ib).

On February 20th, 1327-8, a commission of oyer and terminer was issued to William de Denum and others on the complaint of Sir Roger Manduyt charging John Story and others with having carried away from Redeshead (Redesheved) and Erle Side, both in Northumberland, 60 horses, 20 oxen and 20 cows of the value of £100, together with John, son of Alan, son of Stephen de Kulkas and William Blaykes, prisoners of war, whereby he lost their ransom of £20. Cal. Pat. Rolls, 1327-1330, p. 283; also Vol. VII., p. 335, His. of Northum.

*(qv. or 1761. See ante.)