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Crest of Sir Thomas Storey

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The Manduits were of Eshot in Felton, Com. Northumb.

Amongst a muster of one hundred and twenty-six gentlemen volunteers, assembled on Bochenfield Moor, besides their servants, was Fergus Storey, of Beanley. They were armed and horsed and led by the right honourable and truly loyal Lord Widdrington, Governor of Berwick. They thus met on the 29th January, 1660-61. (See p. 360, Vol. VII., His. of Northum.)

In Vol. VIII., ib., edited by H. H. E. Craster, 1907, I find that the Tynemouth Registers were edited by Rev. R. H. Couchman.

In 1711 (Decem. 25th), Mrs. Anne Storo married Mr. Robert Loadsman. p. 365, Vol. VIII., ib.

Among the names of the four and twenty men of the Borough of Tynemouth, is that of Robert Story, 1674. (p. 368, Vol VIII., ib.)

William Hindmer (Hindmer of Monkseaton and North Shields), merchant, of Newcastle-on-Tyne, married Sarah, daughter of John Story, of North Shields. Marriage took place 1720. By her he had issue Jonathan Hindmer and Elizabeth, who became the wife of Thomas Thompson, of Newcastle, merchant. By will dated February 28th, 1723-4, he devised his real estate at Kirkby Stephen in Com. Westmor., and his houses in Newcastle and his copyhold lands in Northumberland to his son, Jonathan Hindmer. (See p. 407, Vol. VIII., ib.)

In the pedigree of Foster, of Newham, in the parish of Bamburgh, mention is made of Helen, daughter of John Forster, of Newham, as having married Fergus Story, of Beanley. John Forster's will was proved on the 13th March, 1581. The eldest son of John Foster, of Newham, died at Weetwood; his will is dated 7th January, 1607-8. He had daughters Barbara and Dorothy, the latter married to George Fenwick, of Great Rye. These daughters were the sisters of Helen Story née Foster. See Fenwicks, of Gunnerton and Kenton.

The Younghusbands, of Alnwick, and the Stories were related, as appears in the will of Ann Younghusband, of Alnwick, widow. The testatrix mentions "my sister Gair, her daughter, my sister Inman, her son Robert Inman, my niece Catherine Reynolds, her daughters Margaret and Anne, my nephew Samuel Younghusband, my niece Barbara Younghusband, my sisters Dorothy and Mary Grey, my sister Jane Lambton, executrix." Will proved 1733, p. 189, His. of Northum.

The Anne (formerly Ann Scott) was wife of John Younghusband, of Newham and Grange, near Alnwick. There was also the branch of Younghusband, of Budle, par. of Bamburgh. (pp. 188-9 Embleton Registers.)

Lancelot Younghusband, of Heckley Grange, baptized 27th May, 1754, according to the Bamburgh Registers, married a daughter of Thomas Story, of Abberwick, son of Ralph Story, of Alnwick, and afterwards of Abberwick, by his wife, Ann Burrell, of Bassington. After her husband's decease, she resided in Bailiffegate, Alnwick, where her only daughter died. She afterwards resided in Newcastle. Lancelot Younghusband and his brother John committed suicide under unprecedented circumstances on the 10th November, 1818, and were buried on the cross road near to Alnwick Church on the 14th of the same month. (V. Vol. I., page 483, His. of Northum. See also Newcastle Journal for 21st November, 1815). In the pedigree of Proctor, of Shawdon, Rock and Dunstan, we find that Dorothy Proctor was married to Fergus Story, at Whittingham, 15th October, 1696. Dorothy Proctor was the daughter of John Proctor, of Shawdon and Dunstan, and Mary, his wife, née Roddam.