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Crest of Sir Thomas Storey

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"Yours received. An inscription upon a stone cut into the south wall of Shillington Church tower records the fact that it fell early in the eighteenth century, and about the middle of that century it was rebuilt mainly through the exertions of a very zealous and popular Curate - George Story. It also states that he was a faithful Curate for thirty-seven years, dying in 1765, aged 63."

It seems difficult to reconcile the statement of Dr. Peile and that of Mr. Postgate. If he were admitted to Christ's College on the 5th October, 1725, at the age of 22, then he must have been born about 1703. I do not see how he could be in charge of both parishes either as perpetual Curate or Vicar, unless he was a pluralist.

The Fergus Storey, to whom Dr. Peile alludes in his second communication, was the second son of Fergus Storey, of Beanley, Bailiff of Beanley, who married Helen, daughter of John Forster, of Newham. This gentleman was presented to the living of Rothbury, but the presentation, as the Beanley MSS. indicate, was revoked in 1660-61.

The first small "Early Storey Pedigree" (Storis, Sturreys, Storreys and Storey) gives the names of Thomas and Mark Storye, brothers. Thomas was a copyholder in Wall. From him descended Thomas Storye of the same place, described as holding lands as a freeholder in Bingfield. This latter Thomas had likewise a son Thomas, vivens 1666, and also possessed of land in Wall. The first Thomas Storye, of 1538, had a brother Mark Storye, vivens 1538 (Muster Roll), and this Mark had a son John Story, vivens 1660, who had a son Mark, vivens 1692, proprietor of lands in Wall.

From Thomas Story, of Wall, 1538, and from Mark Story descend the Stories of Bingfield, County Cavan, Ireland-named Bingfield after Bingfield near Hexham-and of Mount Salus, Dalkey, County Dublin. Mark Storye, of 1538, had a brother, Robert Storye, who appears in the Wall Muster Rolls as "Robert Store." A Peter Story, of East and West Commons, was a freeholder of tenements in Hexham township in 1535. What his relationship was to the afore-named Stories has not transpired, therefore I could not with safety locate him.

The following extracts are taken from the Registers of Baptisms at the Church of St. John, Lee, near Hexham.

Some items are likewise taken from a MS. forwarded by Lieut.-Colonel Story, of Bingfield, County Cavan, which he received from Dr. John Benjamin Story, a medical doctor of Corick, near Clogher, and of 6, Merrion Square, Dublin, the recognized head of the Story family in Ireland, and a descendant of Thomas Story, elder brother of Joseph Story, Bishop of Killaloe, son of John Story, of Bingfield.

    A.D. 1665, Luke, son of John Story, of Wall, a village on the border.
    (This John Story is probably the one who was rated for Beanley Tithe in 1663, and who purchased Learchild.]
    1666, 22nd July, Thomas, son of Mark Story, of Wall.
    1669, 28th March, Anna, daughter of Maria Story, of Wall.
    1669 (?), Elizabeth, daughter of Johannes Story, of Wall.
    1671, 3rd September, John, son of John Story, of Wall.