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Crest of Sir Thomas Storey

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The other was a Northumberland man. He looked me up at a club I belonged to in London. I don't know, or I forget why, except he wanted to see if we were related. He was in some business, and, no doubt, a decent man. The Leicestershire people are, I believe, related (how?), and General Valentine [Story] (who married an Irish lady) and I belonged to the same club at one time. I had heard of General Philip [Story] in India. He was no relation, but I see his son who lives in Suffolk calls his house "Lockington." This seems funny. The Rev. Robert Herbert Story, minister of Roseneath and principal of the Glasgow University, was a great friend of Queen Victoria. Who is the sculptor now in Paris, who married Anne Eames, the great prima donna? He was a son of W. W. Story, sculptor, poet, author, &c., late of Rome, son of Judge Story, Nova Scotia; almost certainly of our family.

Concluding his letter to Colonel Story the writer says in a postscript-

"My sisters all married well. The eldest to a Fowke. Second, S. M. V. Story, married Major Robert Kirkpatrick Taylor, of Grovelands, Middlesex, 1867. Third, Caroline Edith Blanche Story, married Francis Peel, Esq., F.R.G.S., F.S.A., F.Z.S., son of the Right Honourable William Yates Peel, M.P. (died 1858), son of first Baronet by the daughter of the second Earl of Mountcashel."

Another letter of 20th May, 1901, to Lieut.-Col. Story from Mr. A. B. H. Story may also be quoted from.

"I have been much interested in perusing the papers, &c., you were so good to send me on 22nd April, 1909, and I am very glad to have seen them as, incidentally, I think, they throw light on what I may call 'our' branch and I feel I am indebted to you, and have no knowledge with which to repay the debt.

"I do not remember a Neville Reid whom you say happened to have some treasury shares, but there was a large brewer in Herts. named Richard. I am not sure of spelling, but I think Reid, whom we knew well. They lived at 'The Node,' Berkhampstead way. His wife was a sister to Sir Edward Barkly, who was Governor of Victoria when I went to Melbourne, and she gave me a letter to him. The sculptor, formerly at Rome, was a son of the Nova Scotian Judge, and the sculptor's son married Anna Eames, of opera fame, and lives in Paris. Referring to the pedigree Story of Bishop Wearmouth, it seems that one Anthony died in the West Indies, and all the subsequent descendants are his, so far as they go, but after early in the last century the record ceases. My grandfather was born in the West Indies. He must have been born in 1780. He came to England with his uncle, a Mr. Cooper, about 1793, and I believe he died at St. Albans. His name, as before stated, was John Samuel, but my father's name and mine is Anthony Browne. 'Samuel' and 'Anthony' frequently occur in this pedigree. It would hardly be a coincidence, yet it may be. The allusion in the letter of P. Story to my grandfather's dinner is amusing. I know he entertained a good deal and well, his wines being noted as very fine.

"I think Mrs. Lane's letter is charming, as she says, all the Storys I have seen are thin. Storys and Dillons have intermarried a good deal, but they do not belong to our family."

Mr. Edward John Story, of 37 Queen's Gardens, Ilford, Essex, formerly of Newcastle-on-Tyne, writing to Col Story on April 26th, 1902, treats of various North Stories and their arms.

"It is just possible that the John Story, of Newcastle, born about 1662, mentioned therein, may be your ancestor of Bingfield. I think it very likely. This branch was wealthy. George Story, his elder brother, left lands in Bishop Wearmouth, Cleadon,