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Crest of Sir Thomas Storey

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A life of Principal Story has been published by his daughters in 1909. Further allusion will be made to this excellent volume in the biographical section.

The Rev. Robert Leech,* late Rector of Drumlane, Belturbet, co. Cavan, in a letter addressed to Colonel Story of Bingfield and Dalkey, county Dublin, dated 3rd April, 1901, treats largely of the Story family, and of a connection with the ancient house of Rivers. He alludes to an old "Baron Story" who nearly "lost his head for his conscience."

In a letter dated 21st September, 1901, he writes, "Tell Colonel Story that I have found out the following genealogical items on the authority of Reginald Heber, the celebrated Bishop of Calcutta. The Stories of Cavan, the Sneyds and some of the Moores of Cavan, the Marskes and the Guinesses descend from a daughter of the famous Jeremy Taylor, Bishop of Down and Connor, and Bishop of Dromore, likewise from Charles I. This clergyman seems to include descents from the mother of Mary, Queen of Scots, and Mary of Guise, a member of the Lorraine family descended in the male line from Charlemagne. By the Stuarts he claims descent of the Bingfield Stories from Bruce. This will form an interesting episode in the history and antiquities of the Story family of Bingfield, near Hexham, now of Bingfield and Mount Salus, co. Dublin. The rev. gentleman is certainly correct when he states that Margaret, sister of John Hedworth, of the Chester Deanery, esquire, married Cuthbert Morland, brother of John Morland, of Midleton, esquire, and had a daughter, Susannah Sophia, who was married to Anthony Story on the 30th July, 1747. This agrees with the pedigree of the Stories of Bishop Wearmouth who were, evidently, close kinsmen of the Stories of Bingfield, Hexham, as well as the Stories of Beanley.

There can be little doubt that the Story family is a truly Norse family, entering Britain probably by the Orkneys or by Hull and, settling in very early times in Eskdale, Northumberland, Cumberland, Durham and Westmorland. Settlements in other counties farther south would be the result of later acquisitions obtained by prowess in the field of battle, and by marriage.

Burke states that the Storers of Coombe Court, Chiddingfold, Godalming, Surrey, claimed descent from Dr. Edward Story, Bishop of Carlisle 1468 to 1477, and Bishop of Chichester 1477 to 1502: That previous to the Reformation they dwelt in Cumberland, and at that period their name was Story. A member of the family is said to have migrated to Scotland at the time of the Reformation, eventually settling in the county of Fife, where his descendants resided possessed of considerable property for several generations. The great grandson of this settler in Scotland, the Rev. John Storer, Incumbent of Fessoway, county Kinross, married Susan, daughter of John Stewart, of Foss, esquire, by his wife, Susannah, daughter of Thomas FIemyng, of Moness, esquire, and by her had issue, two daughters and a son, John Storer, who became a medical doctor and a Fellow of the Royal Society; born 1747; married in 1781 to Mary, widow of W. R. Middlemore, of Somerby Hall, county Lincoln, and daughter of James Douglas, M.D., of Carlisle, third son of Sir William Douglas, Bart, of Kilhead, and of his wife Mary, second daughter of Sir Patrick Maxwell, of Springkell, Bart.

*This clergyman died recently in Dublin.