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Crest of Sir Thomas Storey

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In another communication of Sir Thomas Musgrave to Lord Burghley, p. 124, the following names appear:-

"Robin Story of Graynes, Adam Story of Pelahill, Will Storye of the same; all dwell within the demayne of Bew Castell."

Vol. I., p. 37, gives the "Muster of Eskdale Ward in Cumberland," and in the list appears the arms of Edward Storeye, which consisted of a bow. The musters were taken by "George Salkeld, Thomas Carleton and Richard Warwick, esquiers ix. Feb., Anno regni Elizabeth,, wherein is sett down everie man is furnyshede at his daye. 1581."

"1596. June-September. West March complaints against Buccleuch, &c."

"Monday, the vi. of August. Alane Hudson and Robert Storer of Castle Carrock upon John Nixon of the Highshies, &c., for 20 kye and oxen taken from Gelsdale."

"Andrew Storyes of Rosdon, foul by Adam Storye of the elf hole on Alexander Dixson of Nether Balton, for a mare, price 5l. Bill fyled before the Commissioners at Berwick."

"Indent of Scottisch Bills at Jedburgh, 8th June, 1601. Sir Andrew Kerre of Heaton, Knight, Deputy Warden for the Middle Marches of Scotland, and Mr. Thomas Ogle of Eslington 'deputed' for the Middle Marches of England, met for swearing the Bills of the said Marches of Scotland fyled in Berwick before the last Commissioners there in February, 1596, as follows:-

"Bill of Dand Davy son's and George Yong of Hoislawe upon Androe Storye, called 'the bunch' in Trewhett, sworn by plaintiff to 58 old sheep. Foule and agreed to by John Bilton."

"A bill of Thomas Carre of Caver upon William Storye of Crawley, &c., sworn by the plaintiff's servant, William Middlement of Softley, in 3 score and 18 old shepe. Plaintiff 'deposed' for charge of 'the spearing' 4 marks sterling. Foule and agreed 261. 1s. 4d."

"Muster of Cokesdale and Ryddesdaile:

"NEW BEWICK.-J. 0. Rosdon, Junior d.d., Jo. Rosdon Senior, Ra. Rosdon, Mychaell Rosdon and Christofer Story. sp. f. d.

"BOSDON.-Hector Story d. d., Jo. Story d. d. sp. f. gray tr. gelding 15 hands. William Tho: Jo. Robt. and Mychaell Storys sp. f. d.

"WAPPERDON.-Edward Story sp. f. d. (spear furnished-d. no horse.)"

From articles to be charged against the Grames before the lords of the Privy Council.

Holograph-Indorsed partly by Burghley (p. 141, Vol. I.)

sp. denotes spear; p. or pet., petronel; b, bows; lanc., lances, stoves; d for 'defectes; f., furnished; d., no horses, also unfurnished; tr., trotting.