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Crest of Sir Thomas Storey

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It is evident that the branch of the Storeys settled at Rosshill, Salop, was akin to the Bishop of Chichester's family, judging from the MSS. in the possession of Miss Storey, of Harrogate. The Rosshill Storeys - (anciently Stureys) - have been located in Shropshire over three centuries.

Probably this branch migrated at the general dispersal from Eskdale, and made their home in the southern parts of the country.

Reverting again, and briefly, to the name, Storey or Story, we find that there is a parish in Sutherland known as Stoer. It is on the western coast of that county. In Italian, Stora is the form the name Storey assumes. In Philippeville, Algeria, there is a seaport called Stora, and a river Stora Luela, is met with in North Sweden, flowing into the Gulph of Bothnia. What is known as Lake Stora Luela is an expansion of the said river in its upward course. (See Century Cyclopædia of Names.)

The branch of Storys or Stories settled ante 1572, in the city of Bath were evidently from the North parts originally. The Christian names, Richard, Walter, John and Dorothy, figure prominently. Richard Story, who married one Jone (Joan) Emmery, widow, in 1572, would probably be the first of the Northern Stories to migrate to Bath. The ubiquity of the family of Story is due to the numerous feuds which took place in the Border country.

From "The Registers of the Abbey Church of Bath," edited by Arthur J. Jewers (Vols. I. and II. Harl. Soc. London, 1900), I extract entries of the Storys settled in the locality. In the list of christenings are the following:-

    John, sonn of Richard Story, 13th October, 1572.
    John, sonn of Richard Story, 19th January, 1575.
    Alice, daughter of Richard Story, 30th November, 1577.
    Isabell, daughter of Richard Story, 6th February, 1580.
    Dorothe, daughter of Richard Story, 7th May, 1584.
    Walter, son of Richard Storye, 16th December, 1585.
    Anna, daughter of Richard Storye, 26th February, 1587.
    Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Story and Joane his wife, 24th January, 1615.
    Thomas, sonne of Richard and Joane [Story], 5th October, 1618.
    Joane, daughter of Lewis Storrie and Catherine, 19th May, 1642.

In the list of burials are-

    Joane Story, 26th October, 1572.
    John, son of Richard Story, 5th June, 1577.
    Dorothe, daughter of Richard Story, 1585.
    Walter Storrye, buried 23rd February, 1620.
    Richard Story of this citty, 30th August, 1622.

Of marriages we find-

    Richard Story and Jane Emmery, widow, 7th July, 1752.
    Simon CogswelI and Elizabeth Storye, married loth September, 1607.
    Walter Storie and Margerie Noble, 27th May, 1616.
    Zacharias Everett and Elizabeth Storrie, 17th October, 1642.