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Crest of Sir Thomas Storey

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WILL OF ANTHONY STOREY late of Beathwaite Green in the parish of Heversham Joyner; execution of Will committed to George Atkinson and Christopher Stephenson executors in trust. Will made 31st December 1757. To George Atkinson of Underbarrow in the parish of Beathwaite Green and Christopher Stephenson of Beathwaite Green aforesaid, blacksmith, testator leaves two messuages and tenements or cottages in Sidgwick (late the property of Henry Coupland miller). The said property to be sold and the children to have what remains if anything after debts are paid. Abraham Story, Elizabeth Jackson, widow, and Mary, wife of Thomas Wilson, share and share alike. Also £1 a piece to Thomas Fleming and Ann Story, grandchildren. George Atkinson and Christopher Stephenson, executors, to have 10s. each.

Robert Storey of Tarnside, Heversham Husbandman died 14th June 1816. In bis Will he mentions bis brother James Story of Teeth in the parish of Cartmel. Wife named Mary.

Anthony Storey, late of Crook farmer in the parish of Kendal. Will dated 28th April 1823. He bad a sister Isabella married to a Kellet, a sister Mary married to a Newby. His children were Agnes, William, George, Isabella and Joseph; executors the Rev. Robert Sandford, George Birkett and Birket Cragg. Testator died 17th January 1829.

Richard Storey late of Troutbeck Yeoman; execution committed to George Browne and Thomas Benson. Died 12th Sept 1831. Will proved 1832.

John Storey late of Kendal died 7th February 1842. Administration granted 19th Feb 1842, to Betta Storey, widow.

Long Green Head is in the manor of Applethwaite, parcel of the manor of Windermere, in the Barony of Kendal and the Richmond Fee. The Lowthers at first leased the Richmond Fee for ninety-nine years - from the death of Queen Katherine (Katherine of Braganza). During the Commonwealth the Barony was held by John Archer, Esq. After the Restoration. Charles II. collected the Fine due on the death of Charles I., says Mr. George Browne of Town End, Troutbeck. This gentleman has the receipt for the above Fine, paid by one of his ancestors, and dated December 22nd, 1662, nearly fourteen years after the demise of Charles I.

The Will of Thomas Atkinson of Long Green Head, whose daughter Agnes married John Storey, proves what Mr. George Browne, of Troutbeck, had always believed, viz., that Long Green Head came to John Storey owing to his marriage with Agnes Atkinson. Robert Atkinson, only son of Thomas Atkinson, was buried on the 31st May, 1694. Thomas Atkinson, the father of Robert, died on the 26th of the following November. After Robert Atkinson's decease, Agnes, née Atkinson, his sister, would be heir-at-law to her father. In the Barony of Kendal when there were no sons the eldest daughter stood in the same position as an elder son; there were no co-heirs. This was the rule in order to keep the estates together, as each tenement had to find a man and a horse for Border Service. When James I. came to the throne he wanted to seize all the customary property on the plea that the tenants were no longer required to defend the Borders against the Scottish.