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Crest of Sir Thomas Storey

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    1740, November 17th. Wood sold at Browhead, belonging to William Storey, viz., 141 oak trees, numbered, 66 oaks, "euckered," id. est., marked with ochre of paint. 55 oak trees, numbered in one lot, was sold for £48 15s. 6d.

    1752, February 1st. Mortgage Deed made between Miles Wilson of Low Fold, in Troutbeck, and William Storey of Long Green Head, in Applethwaite, yeoman. In consideration [of the] £50 Miles Wilson mortgages unto William Storey all those closes, &c., comonly known by the names of Low Holbeck, Low Grains and High Grains, part of the said Miles Wilson's messuage and tenement at Lowfold.

    1776. Transfer of the above mortgage to John Mounsey of Patterdale Hall. [Indenture has been given in full.]

    In 1770 there is noted a Deed of Goods from Anthony Birkett to Richard and William Storey.

    1775, February 13th. Indenture made between John Storey of Long Green Head, in Applethwaite, yeoman, and William Benson of Ambleside, mason. In consideration of £l86 10s. the said John Storey agrees to absolutely sell unto the said William Benson all that his the said John Storey's customary messuage and tenement, situate at Townhead, in Troutbeck (except and always reserving to the said John Storey, his heirs, &c., one dale of ground above Hallow Beck, in Troutbeck Ing., by estimation 3 roods, &c.), of the yearly customary rent of 4s., and free rent of 4d., all which premises were heretofore the customary estate and inheritance of Thomas Storey deceased, late father of the said John Storey, party hereto.

    [In 1739 this belonged to Edward ffawcett of Townhead. In 1741-2 Edward ffawcett was buried. In 1744, according to the Troutbeck Rental, it was the property of Thomas Storey.]

    1775. John Storey to William Benson, Deed of an estate at Townhead, Troutbeck, formerly the estate of Thomas Storey deceased, but father of the said John Storey.

    John Storey died at Browhead, Troutbeck, July 26th, 1818.

    From "Minutes for Richard Storey's Will, 15th February, 1803." Richard Storey dwelt at Drumelmire Head in Troutbeck. He devised all his messuages, tenements, and parcels of tenements unto his nephews Thomas Storey, of Long Green Head, in Applethwaite, Waller, and to William Storey, of Bardsea, within the County Palatine of Lancaster, husbandman. The tenements are in Troutbeck. Browhead had probably been sold prior to this date. Richard Storey made another Will, and died 13th September, 1831.

    1773, March 9th. In the Articles of Sale of Highfold to William Storey the purchase money is £92. Highfold afterwards became an inn, known as the Bay Horse, and was kept by William Storey. The premises subsequently became the Troutbeck Post Office.

Sometimes called Trustees, Psaltery Men, or Sawders.
These men had the entire management of the Church, and were quite distinct from the churchwardens; the duties of the latter were only in connection with the Parish Church of Windermere.

The collectors were three in number; two appointed out of Troutbeck, and one from the high end of Applethwaite.