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Crest of Sir Thomas Storey

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At the Court held before William Simpson on the 24th May 1698 the Jurors record this fine-

         Wee do fine Henry Storey Tennant of a Tenement lyeing in Applethwaite of the yearly
          rent of Two shillings by Deed from Richard Storey according to custome
          i.e. 0l 2s 0d

On the 27th October, 1798, Johes Story appears as a juror for the Manor of Windermere.

Among fines for House-lookers, Tenth-holders, and Fell-keepers appears John Storey and Thomas King. 5th September, 1704.

In 1672, under Moulter, Cottages, Millnes, Improvements and Free Rents, Richard Story is fined for Dry Rents, 2d.

Among defaulters in the Ing Fence John Story appears, and in 1699 is fined 0l. 1s. 4d., and on the 2nd October, 1700, 0l. 0s. 6d.

At the Court Baron of Windermere, before Alan Chambre, 21st November, 1706, among Applethwaite tenants are Elizabeth Story, Ricus Story, and Johes Storey.

Richard Storie appears in the Survey of the Richmond nee, 1650. He is described as of New Hutton, and his fine is put down as 4s.

During the Commonwealth, the moiety of the Barony of Kendal, commonly known by the name of Richmond Fee Rights, members and appurtenances, is described as "hitherto belonging Charles Stuart, but now settled upon Trustees for the use of the Commonwealth held as of the Manor of East Grinstead in free and common socage by ffealty onely." The survey was taken by John Birchensha, Gabriel Taylor, and John Thorne, and the return made by them is dated 18th March, A.D. 1650.

Sir John Otway, Kt, was the Deputy Steward to the Lady Queen Catherine of the said Manor of Windermere of the Marquis Fee within the Barony of Kendall.

It appears that in 1710 a Mr. Needler acted as the solicitor for Lady Lonsdale.

The Court Roll for the Barony of Kendal contains frequent mention of the Bellinghams and the Duckets. James Bellingham held lands in Kendall and Crooke in 1675, according to an Inquirende bearing date 3rd December, 1675. Three years earlier, or thereabouts, Anthony Ducket is named concerning lands in Grayrigg. Richard Story appears under Applethwaite at this period. The Brackens and Gardners are also met with as Customary Tenants.

In the Westmorland Feet of Fines, 10th William III., Trinity Term (Midsummer, 1698), is this entry :-

Between Edward Hill, plaintiff, and Samuel Story and Mary, his wife, deforceants of one messuage, one barn, 8 acres of arable land. 8 acres of meadow, 14 acres of pasture and comon of Tubary, with appurtenances in Co] by with the parish of Appleby. [Purchase money £100.]

Westmorland Feet of Fines, 12th George I., Trinity Term (Midsummer, 1726):-

Between Rich : Denison, James Wadeson, senior, and George Taylor, plaintiffs [and purchasers] and Daniel Story and Isabella his wife, Thomas Richardson, James Richardson, and Mary his wife, deforceants [and sellers] of three messuages, 3 gardens, 2 apple orchards, 40 acres of arable land, 10 acres of meadow, 10 acres of