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Crest of Sir Thomas Storey

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pasture and comn of pasture in Stainton, Milthrop and Barbon in the parish of Heversham (alias Hysham) and Kirkby Londsdale. Purchase money £60.]
[See Storeys-Society of Friends' Branch, sheet ii. Daniel Story, alias Storey, son of Charles Storey, of Preston Patrick.]

It is a singular fact that the name, "Storey," only appears in this form of orthography - id. est., as just given - twice in the Scottish County Directory, and the persons given reside, or did reside four or five years ago, in Berwickshire. Ralph Storey, Swansfield, Reston, and Samuel Storey, Paxton House, Berwick, are the two names entered. Mr. Ralph Storey, writing on the 30th July, 1907, states that he is of the same family as the Storeys of Beanley and Abberwick, Northumberland. His grandfather was Ralph Storey, of some place near to Alnwick.

Mr. Samuel Storey, of Paxton House, Berwick, M.P., writing on the 28th July, 1907, states that he is unable to aid in the matter [of his descent], nor does he know who can assist.

The fines for by-fires seems to have varied, for on the 25th October, 1698, Henry Story, of New Hutton, was fined for having two by-fires 4d. His name appears in connection with such fires in 1702, 1703, and in 1704. In 1703 and in 1705 he is fined in the sum of 9d.

A by-fire was "an irregular fire," and consequently subjected its creator, or the person on whose land it was made, to a fine. This fine existed in order to protect the woods from being thinned too greatly. See laws relating to estovers.

A dry rent was a rent reserved without a distress clause.

On the 22nd day of August 1674 John Storey of Poulton in the parish of Lancaster, being then of sound and perfect memory, did utter and express his mind in these words folling or words to ye like effect, viz.:-

I give and bequeath all my goods and personal estate whatsoever to Anne Story my daughter. Witness hereof, S. A. Hutton. Bond.-Ann Story of Poulton in the county of Lancaster, spinster, and Samuel Hutton of the same town, gentleman, give bond to pay all debts, legacies, children's porcons according to the tenor of the said will. Signed ANN STORY. X her mark.

Inventory. - A true and perfect inventory of goods, cattels and debts of John Story, late of Poulton in the county and parish of Lancaster, deceased; prized 15th September 1674 by Fra: Nicholson, Sam: Hutton, Tho : Gate and Tho : Brand. Total £117 0s 3d.

The John Story above mentioned would probably be the son of Henry Storey, of Old Hutton, concerning whom and his issue little is known. [See Sheet II.]


The Storeys of Garstang are descended from John Storey of Long Greenhead, and Bridget, daughter of John Tyson, of Troutbeck, his wife. (See Pedigree Sheet No. II.)

Isaac Storey, their fifth son, appears to have settled at Lancaster, and some of his issue eventually removed to Garstang. In the last century, some time in the forties, John Storey was in business in Penny Street, Lancaster. Subsequently he took over a business