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Crest of Sir Thomas Storey

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A bill for items consequent upon a marriage at Gretna is not to be seen every day. Here is one evidently referring to the marriage referred to :-

John Linton
Gretna Hall
15th August 1825.
£ s. d.
Wine and Brandy... ...0 3 2
Breakfast... ... ... ... 0 4 6
Postboy, Eating etc ... 0 5 0
Horses, Hay etc ... ... 0 2 0
Witness ... ... ... ...2 2 0
Wedding room ... ... 0 10 6
£3 7 2
In a Bible at 18, Wellington Road, Lancaster:-

"John Story
The gift of subscribers to the Bolton-le-Sands Sunday School. In acknowledgment of his services September 30th 1883."

The Storeys of Cartmel are, undoubtedly, a branch of the Storeys of Kendal, Crossthwaite, Milnthorpe and Meathop, near to Witherslack. A short lineage of Mr. William Storey's family was drawn up and submitted to the gentleman named in the September of 1909, and returned with the intimation that as far as it went it was quite correct. Some additional information was afterwards forwarded by Mr. Storey, who is Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages for the Cartmel District. The information shows the Meathop connection and the Storeys of that locality were a branch closely allied to Sir Thomas Storey's grandsire.

John, son of James and Betty Storey, born at Meathop, 6th December, 1791.
Michael, son of the same, born 18th May, 1799.
Mary, daughter of the same, born 24th April, 1801.
George, son of the same, born 21st September, 1804.

Among other entries are the following:-

Jane, daughter of William and Isabel Storey, born at . . . . 3rd June, 1743.
Ellen, daughter of John and Jane Barrow, of Meathop, born 20th December, 1773.
Agnes, daughter of William and Mary Storey, of Kirket Brook. born 15th February, 1798.
Peggy, daughter of John Storey, of Swinmoss, born 4th April, 1807.

Unfortunately, Mr. Storey, of Cartmel, cannot go back farther than James Storey, his great grandfather, who married Betty or Elizabeth Barrow, of Meathop.

The Cartmel Priory Church Registers contain the following Storey or Storye entries:-

WEDDINGS, 1559-1660.

    1609. Lawrence Storye and Agnes Kilner, 15th Februarye.