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Crest of Sir Thomas Storey

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George, baptized March 16th, 1739-40.
Elizabeth, baptized March 18th, 1743-4; married William Otley April 21st, 1766.
John, baptized Nov. 22nd, 1747; buried at Ambleside April 27th, 1816.
William Brownrigg was buried at Troutbeck Nov. 18th, 1762.

Mary Brownrigg had by her first husband, William Mackereth, a son and two daughters. The son, William, was a clergyman, and in 1769 was at Easington in Holderness, co. York.

Mary, the elder daughter, born in 1731, married William Birkett of Troutbeck, Dec 29th, 1755.

Eleanor, the younger daughter, born in 1735, died in 1741.

George, the elder son of William Brownrigg, married Elizabeth, daughter of John Flemming of Grasmere, and had issue, viz.:-
William and Margaret (twins), baptized Dec. 30th, 1733.

William died unmarried. Margaret married George Daker of Lyth, Westmorland.

John, baptized Sept. 6th, 1775, and died March, 1777.
Mary, baptized Sept. 7th, 1776; married John Barrow of Bowness, May 17th, 1807.
George (of whom more hereafter), baptized Nov. 15th, 1778.
James, baptized Oct. 1st, 1780.

James was married and left a family. He was killed, being thrown out of a gig near Kendal.

The following extracts are from the Troutbeck Registers :-

1820, Sept., 27th. George Brownrigg, joiner, buried, aged 81.
1827, May 8th. Elizabeth, widow of George Brownrigg, buried, aged 85.
1778, Nov. 15th. George, third son of George and Elizabeth Brownrigg, baptized
1808, George married Mary, youngest daughter of Richard Storey, of Drumlemire Head, August 21st, 1808, and had the following issue, viz.:-
1809, Elizabeth, baptized Jan. 1st; married Anthony Hall, and had issue two sons and four daughters.
1811, John, born Jan. 11th, and baptized Jan. 18th, 1811.
1853, Married at Rotherham, July 9th, 1853, to Hannah Hudson, daughter of John Hudson of Knaresborough, and had issue one daughter who died in infancy.
1888, August 24th. John Brownrigg was accidentally killed by falling off a plank on going on to the top of a new house he was building at Knott End, Bowness, for Doctor Dobson.
1911, May 4th. Hannah, widow of John Brownrigg, died at Bowness, aged 86 years.
They were both interred at Bowness.

William, born in 1813, died at Bowness March 25th, 1875, and was buried at Troutbeck, aged 61. Coelebs. Mary Ann, born July 28th, 1815; married John Brockbank, of Browness, April 25th, 1843 ; died March 8th, 1906. Her husband, John Brockbank, died Jan 29th, 1904, leaving issue two sons and two daughters, viz.:-