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Crest of Sir Thomas Storey

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    John, born in 1844, died in 1846.

    George, born August 9th, 1846; married Nov. 17th, 1868, to E. Airey of Windermere, and had issue one son, George Henry, art photographer, Windermere, and one daughter, Minnie (neither of them married).

    Mary Agnes, born April 18th, 1852; married Nov. 5th, 1872, J. D. Hall, Windermere, and has issue two sons and one daughter.

    Ann Maria, born June 16th, 1855; married March 31st, 1878, Thomas Russell of Bowness-issue one son and four daughters.

    Margaret, third daughter of George and Mary Brownrigg, born in 1819; married Sept. 9th, 1839, John, third son of Edmund Thompson of Troutbeck Park, and had issue five sons and four daughters. Edmund, the eldest son, born in 1840, married Nov. 14th, 1865, Elizabeth Thompson, of Helton, and has several sons and daughters.

    George, third son of George and Mary Brownrigg, born in 1823, died February 13th, 1888, aged 64 years. Coelebs.

    Jane, fourth daughter of George and Mary Brownrigg, born April 14th, 1829; married Dec. loth, 1853, James Milligan of Troutbeck, and had issue five sons and three daughters. She died Dec. 9th, 1898, aged 69 years, and her husband, James Milligan, died Feb. 12th, 1899, aged 66 years.

    Maria (youngest child of George and M. Brownrigg), born June 24th, 1832; married April 25th, 1857, John Rowlandson of Troutbeck. She died May 12th, 1900, and her husband, John Rowlandson, died April 4th, 1901, aged 66 years, leaving issue three sons and four daughters. James, the eldest son, was killed by a fall of rock at Troutbeck Park Quarry. He died April 26th, 1887.

    Mary, wife of George Brownrigg, daughter of Richard Storey, buried Sept. 26th, 1844, aged 56 years.

George Brownrigg died at Beckside Feb. 8th, 1865, aged 87 years.

Mr. Browne says that the Brownrigg family originally belonged to Whitehaven. William Brownrigg, the first to be identified with Troutbeck at any rate, came from there. There is, however, a tradition that this William Brownrigg was of Irish extraction.