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Crest of Sir Thomas Storey

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Section VI.
The Story Families of Kirklinton.

In this section it is necessary to treat of the Story families of Kirklinton, alias Kirklevinton, Arthuret - and particularly of those branches residing at Justice Town, The Lake, Rockcliffe, and of descendants who spread out into the parish of Stanwix, and that also of Wetheral.

Some curious Wills and Inventories will now be given. Extracts from the Brough or Burgh Court Rolls will likewise be included. From the Storys or Stories within the first-mentioned Border parishes came the Storys of Lockington, Leicestershire, many of the Storys settled in Nottingham and Yorkshire, Storys of Huntingdonshire, Cambridge and Essex, and the Storys of Boston, U.S.A.

The Transcriptions of Wills and Inventories are those of members of the Kirklinton and Arthuret families who dwelt at Great Orton, Little Orton, Bewcastle, Lazonby, Brampton and other adjoining parishes and townships, arranged according to sequence. The names of some of the Testators will be found in the pedigrees.

IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN the ccist Novembre 1587. I Michel Story sicke in bodye and wholle in mynd make this my last Will and Testament in manner and forme following. first I bequith my soule to Almighty God and to all ye Angells of Heaven and my bodie to be buried in my p'rishe churche with all my customed dewties, mortuaries, oblacones done and accustomed to my p'ishe church Item Imprimis. I bequith to William Story my thrid sonne all and any grounde that I had and estate in occupatione all frely as yt ys myne for I shall answer to God nowe at my last houre of my dep'ting out of this worlde that there ys no manr can aledge or clayme by any mayner of title in my grounde but myselfe. Item. I bequithe to Willm Story my sonne all the goods that I have moveable and immoveable and all my corne. Item. I bequith to *good name of the fold my gyved naige . . . . . . . . . and he [evidently son William here meant] to be good maister to my childer. Item. I bequith to Richard Story my youngest sonne, one black filly for the debt I owe him and the rest of my goods I bequith to Willm Story to depose for the health of my soule as he will answer to God; and my said executor William Story my thrid sonne and Richard Story my youngest sonne. WYTNESSE hereof Will the Grame als Stoupe John Wilmson, John Story, als Pat's John, the Grayme Junr als Crofthead, and Leonard the Grayme als balye.

George Povine
Magna Propina
Clericus P'sona de Arthet

Vicessimo quinto mensis Octobris Anno Dmi 1588, P'bat fuit pmiso Testm ac Adm. Commissa fuit executori in eade testo noiate testa snc forma annuntio.