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Crest of Sir Thomas Storey

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A brief Inventory mentions simply
Dettes owing by me
Mychael Storie
It.  To my son Rychard Storie
sume of l. xxvi vs 7d
his annus xxs.
Sume xxv (?)
Hector Story als of Lazonby
Note.                      cij Octobris 1590.

Hector Story had a brother John appointed guardian to his son John, and also to his wife and unto his childer. Mention is made of two daughters - Margaret and Mabell. The executors to his Will are John Browne, Lancelott Golding and Richard Hodgson. Witnesses Richard Hodgson, John Robinson and Joubin Sanderson, junr. The Inventory appraisers were John Robinson, Hugh Hulton, Richard Sanderson and John Huetson.

Hector Story appears to have been a son of Michael Story, whose Will bears date 1587. [See Ector Story, Leith Ward Muster.]

Will of William Storie of the parish of Arthuret, made on the 18th February, 1613. This Will mentions his wife Jennet and a son John.

ABSTRACT OF THE WILL OF Humfray Story of The Hill in the parish of Kirklinton, made on the 20th July 1617. The Testator constitutes his wife Jenet Storye executrix of his last Will and Testament. The children named in his Will are Richard, Thomas, Robert, Amy, Jane, Margaret and Blanche. He appoints as supervisor of his said Will Mr. Anthony Grame his father-in-law, Robert Carrudas and Thomas Atkinson. Witnesses: Anthony Grame, Robert Carruddas, Thomas Atkinson, Walter, Carruddas, Jame Carruthers (?) and Christopher Parratt, Clarke.

An Inventory accompanies the Will. It is as follows :-

The Inventorye of the goods and chattels, moveable and immoveable, which Humfray Storye dyed possessed of prized the seaventh day of August Ano Dmi 1617, by the sworne oathes of George Story and John Irwin, James Scott and George Roxburghe.

Imprimis.  Oats, 4 bushells;
*Big-a bushell;
Rye and peats
sown on the
grounde  x1 6s jd


One meare and a horse  XXvj 8d


Apparell, beddinge
and Insight  4s 0
Debts wh the deceased
had oweing at the time
of his death


Anthony Grame  vili


John Irwin  7s (?)


Thomas Rutclidge  7s

* A kind of barley.