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Crest of Sir Thomas Storey

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Story and Mary Graham appeared in a Solemne and Publicke assembly of the aforesaid people and others Mett together at Sykeside in there Publicke Meetinghouse in the said parrish of Kirklinton and County of Cumberland, And according to the example of the holy men of God recorded in the Scriptures of truth; he the Said Christopher Story taking the Said Mary Graham by the hand did openly declare as followeth vidz, - In the feare of God and in the presence of this assembly doe I take Mary Graham to be my wife promising through divine assistance to be unto her a loveing and faithful husband untill death separate us. . . . . And then and there in the Said Assembly the Said Mary Graham did in like maner declare as followeth vidz, - In the feare of the Lord and before this Assembly whoe I take to be my Wittnesses, do I take Christopher Story to be my married husband promiseing unto him through divine Assistance to be a loveing and faithfull wife untill it shall please the Almighty by death to make a Separation . . . . And the Sd Christopher Story and Mary his now wife as a further Confirmation thereof did then and there to these presents Sett there hands and we whoe are Wittnesses being present amongst others at the Sollemnizeing of there Sd Marriage and Sub-scripcon in manar aforsd doe alsoe to these presents Subscribe our names the day yeare above written anoq dim 1715. Wittnesses John Graham James Graham Robert Latimer ? Graham Joseph Appelby Richard Graham Richard Waite John Armstrong Henry Napier John Jvison George Graham Tho Scott Wm Graham John Bell George Armstrong Joseph Waugh Susanna Maria Appelby Elizabeth Graham Ruth Scott Mary Hetherington Ann Blaire Elizabeth Carlisle mary Latimer Ann Hall Elizabeth Bell Jsabell Hetherington Mary Story

Christopher Story Mary Story
Parents named Christopher Story Willm Graham Bidgett Story

Christopher Story was the son of Christopher Story, of Righead, son of Thomas Story, of the Lake, and Elizabeth, daughter of Christopher Parratt, Rector of Kirklinton (see Lake pedigree).


1676-7. - Richard Story is mentioned as one of the jurors of the Barony of Burgh, Manor of Burgh, Rockcliffe and Westlinton. The matters in controversy consisted of a footway between Millrigg and Bowness, and a question relating to a piece of land between John Henderson and John Monsell of the one part and John Robinson of the other. The piece of land was in Oaktreehole, and the jury found it to belong to John Henderson and John Monsell, John Robinson having a sufficient seugh for maintaining his hedge beside. In another list Richard Story appears, in 1677, as a juror regarding the appointment of a constable for Rockcliffe. Other matters before the jury are comprised of the following citations and fines:-

Sir Henry Gawdy, Knight, for not coming to this court to doe his suit
             and service1s.
Sir Wilfrid Lawson, Kt., for ye same1s.
Sir Edward Musgrave, for ye same1s.
William Briscoe, Esq., for ye same1s.
John Salkeld, Esq., for ye same1s.
William Orfeur, Esq., for ye same1s.
Henry Curwen, Esq., for ye same1s.
The heirs of Matthew Glaister, gentleman, for ye same1s.
Alan Twentyman, for ye same1s.
Elizabeth Moore, for ye same1s.

There are numerous others, including Jane Graham, Arthur Graham, and Robert Story, for Angerton and Whamstowne.