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Crest of Sir Thomas Storey

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Sunday, 3 February 2008
by Brad Storey


The Archæologia Æliano, O.S. IV., page 119, quoted by Welford, p. 176, Vol. III., mentions Walter Foster and John Store as each being armed with a iak (jack), sallett and halbart.

Thomas Story is also entered as having an iak, a bowe and a halbert. See Alderman Gylbert Myddyleton in Second Warde, 1539. P. 130, Vol. II.

Nicholas Story, an iak, a slette bonnett and a bowe. See Muster of Alderman Henry Anderson, 1543. P. 190, Vol. II.

Gerrett Storie is mentioned, among the Receipts of Trinity House, as having received 6s. 4d. "for carrying stones at the friars." P. 214, Vol. II.

Cuthbert Story, of Darlington, yeoman, and Richard Nattres, of Gateshead, mercer, enter into recognisances for the payment of 100 marks (about £66 13s 4d.) to Isabella Franklin, of Newcastle, widow, and the same Cuthbert Story, with three others, enters into five separate recognisances for the payment of five sums of £40 each at intervals of one year by the said Cuthbert to the said Isabella. P. 463, Vol. II.

William Story, of Newcastle, yeoman, alias "Porter of the water," aged 40, is witness in a case of broken vows heard at the Court of Durham about the year 1575. William Story deposeth that he is a relative of Thomas Manwell. Helinor Colson was betrothed to Thomas Manwell. Manwell went away for two and a half years, and on returning discovered Helinor Colson "handfasted" to John Boutflower. See p. 473, Vol. II.

John Storree, one of the shipmasters and pilots of Newcastle, is mentioned in a charter of Queen Elizabeth's. (Trinity Brethren, March, 1584.)

In 1596 John Storie and William Storie appear in a deed dated 19th January. In his deed Bishop Matthew creates the said John and William Storie, with others, "a body politic, community and fellowship perpetual" in Newcastle. P. 101, Vol. III.

An Anthony Storoo is named as having been executed at the Castle. Registers of St. John, Newcastle. Aug. l0th, 1605.

Giles Storie, according to evidence, left all his property and effects to George Storie. Luke Bradforth remarked to the said Giles - "Ye have another son; what do ye to him?" Giles Storie replied- "God's malison light on him, for he hath beggared me and would not follow my counsel. I shall rive him out of the earth that giveth him one groat of my gear."

Within an hour afterwards Giles Storie died. The brother thus left out of the will of Giles Storie was named Ralph. The plague was evidently raging in Newcastle at this period, for Giles Storie had been advised by one of the witnesses to close his door and so keep out the plague. See Welford, p. 37, Vol. III. Giles Storie ob. 1586.