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Crest of Sir Thomas Storey

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On April 20th, 1785, James Storey, of Low Lights, received permission to erect a pew within the Parish Church of Tynemouth on condition that he and his heirs pay to the curate 30s. yearly towards the education of four poor children of the parish. [See p. 312 n., Vol. VIII., His. of Northumberland.]

This agreement terminated in 1792, when the church was re-seated. P. 366 id.

James Storey, of Storeys Hall, Low Lights, presented a set of bells to Tynemouth Church, the first set having been lost at sea during their passage from London. [See P. 359, Vol. VIII. id.]

At Greenwich Mr. Dav. Story, surgeon, died 6th February, 1784. G. M.

At the Low Lights, near Shields, Northumberland, James Storey, Esq., while attending afternoon service in the church there, was seized with a fit and expired in less than ten minutes. G. M., p. 185. 1789.

Near to the main entrance on the south side of St. Andrew's Church, Penrith, and attached to the wall, is a stone, with metal lines inset, recording the virtues of a well-known Story:-

"Richard Story, MD. Died December 14th 1821 in the 83rd year of his age. This excellent man possessed a disposition most benevolent, was highly esteemed in his profes-sion and respected in society and his memory will long be cherished by his family and friends. Margaret, wife of Richard Story departed this life on the 11th January 1821 in her 85th year. The sincerity of her Christian faith was testified by the tenor of a long life spent in promoting the welfare and happiness of all connected with her. The above worthy couple lived happily united 55 years an example in every relation of life. They had six children, three of whom preceded their parents to the grave, viz Thomas Story, MD. who died August 29th 1796 in his 28th year at the Island of Martinique having the appointment of Physician to the Forces. The hopes inspired by his professional ability and personal good qualities rendered his premature death a bitter affliction to his family. John Story, who died February 2nd 1771 aged 7 months and 2 weeks. Richard Story who died June 20th 1776 aged 6 weeks. Duty and affection offer this humble tribute to the memory of parents revered and brethren beloved."

Mrs. Moore, of Barton, East Anstey, North Devon, has kindly forwarded the following lineage of her maternal descent from Dr. Story, of Penrith. Writing on the 26th July, 1910, this lady says :-

"I am the third and youngest surviving daughter of the late George H. Sunderland, of Swarthdale, near Ulverston, and Margaret, his wife, née Story, daughter of Colonel David Story, R.A., and grand-daughter of Dr. Richard Story, of Penrith. I have pleasure in enclosing a paper giving all the particulars I know of my mother's family."

Replying to some questions regarding the Sunderlands, the lady remarks:-

"No, the Sunderland family never lived at Dalemain which has belonged to the Hasells since Sir Edward Hasell removed there from the south in the time of King Charles I. I know Dalemain, and so did my father, very well; the late Mrs. Hasell, a Miss King of Askham Hall, prior to marriage, being his aunt. The Sunderlands came from High Sunderland, near to Halifax, Yorkshire. An ancestor of mine, Langdale Sunderland, fought