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Crest of Sir Thomas Storey

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Under date February 21st, 1911, Colonel J. H. Storey, of the United States Customs Service, Port of New York (Seizure Room, 641 Washington Street), writes :-

"Instead of adding to the paper you sent me I have copied the paper given to me by my aunt, Mrs. Seth, at Newcastle, when I visited her in 1874, with additions to date. I think James Arnot Storey has been confounded with my grandfather, James Storey. I have the old Navy Registers, and the name of James Arnot Storey does not appear. My grandfather's commission as retired commander, his portrait, middies' daggers and swords are in my possession. The Royal Navy Register of 1854 states as to his services:- 'James Storey served in the 'Zealous' in the Baltic, 1801, and off Cadiz and West Indies, 1803; Mate of the 'Villa de Paris' under Lord Collingwood, and Lieutenant in the fleet off Toulon, 1813.' He became Lieutenant April 28, 1810; retired Commander in order of council October 12th, 1846. Mr. E. J. Story, to the contrary notwithstanding, is mistaken when he states that my branch of the family spelled the name Story. I infer from the papers I have, which include my mother's marriage settlement, dated July 25, 1840, and is signed by my grandfather as one of the witnesses. It consists of two immense sheets of parchment, and I must admit that I have not taken the time to read it all. A note from the County Clerk of Storey County, Nevada, is enclosed. Mr. Charles E. Storey promised to send me particulars regarding his branch of the family, but has not seemed to find the time. He is connected with the N. Y. Central R. R. I have to thank you for sending me the monthly copies of the Lancaster magazine, and I have read the chronicles of the 'Storeys of Old.' with much interest."

-(Signed) "JAS. HENRY STOREY."

Colonel Storey further says :-

"I am a grandson of James Storey, who was a retired Commander, Royal Navy of 1830. I did not know that James Arnot Storey was in the Navy. My daughter, Mrs. Lewis R. Gwyn, has met Mr. Charles E. Storey, who is, I believe, a grandson of James Arnot Storey. He resides at Mount Vernon, New York, and I have arranged to get what information he has regarding his branch of the family. I have met two sons of William Wetmore Story-son of Judge Story-one, Julian, was the husband of Emma Eames, the opera singer, who recently secured a divorce from him."

See Pedigree Newcastle-upon-Tyne Story branch.


"Lippincott's New Gazetteer" for 1906 says:-

Storey is a county in the west part of Nevada-area, 263 (?) square miles-bounded on the north by the Truchee River, and on the south by the Carson River. In the south-west part of the city, Mount Davidson, a peak of the Washoe Range, rises to the height of 7,870 feet. The county has within it rich deposits of gold and silver. Among the mines of this county is the famous Cornstock Lode. Capital of Storey County is Virginia; popu-lation in 1890, 8,806. Story, a city in the central portion of Iowa, has an area of 576 square miles. It is intersected by the South Skunk River, and is also drained by Indian and Montgomery Creeks. Coal is found here. Capital, Nevada. Population in 1890, 18,127; in 1900, 23,159.

Story, a post village of Dane County, Wisconsin; Banking Point is Oregon; population, 120. There is also Story City, a banking post town of Story County, Iowa, on the South Skunk River, forty-eight miles north of Des. Moines, on the Iowa Central Railway and the North-Western line; population in 1900, 1,197.

Another authority gives the following:-
Storey County, Nevada, has an area of 420 square miles and a population of 16,115. Story County, Iowa, has an area of 550 square miles and a population of 16,906.