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Crest of Sir Thomas Storey

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by Brad Storey


In "Pioneers of Massachusetts," by Charles Henry Pope, Boston, Mass., 1900, are the following entries :-

Storer, Richard, son to Elizabeth, wife of Robert Hull, was admitted an inhabitant of Boston, and had "a great lot at the Mount (Bramtree) for three heads. 25 (9), 1639.

Story, Andrew, Ipswich, in 1635, served in the Pequot war. Was before the General Court in 1635, and had a grant of land from the town in 1639.

Story, Elias - servant to Edward Winston, or Winslow - came to Plymouth in the "Mayflower" (1620), and died soon after his arrival.

In Volume I. of Edward Pelham Brenton's "Naval History of Great Britain," p. 356, mention is made of Admiral Story, of the "States General," a Dutch ship of seventy-six guns, who had escaped from the scene of action at the battle of Camperdown, followed by five other ships. The Admiral contrived to make his peace with the Gallo-Batavian Government by proving that his only means of safety was in flight (November, 1797).

Is it not probable that this so-called Dutch Admiral would be descended from the John Story or Storey, to whom, with others, a pass was granted to proceed to Holland? Calendar of State Papers, 1690-91. (William and Mary.)


William Story, of Kneveton, in the county of Nottingham, who purchased lands in Kneveton, and was buried there on the 28th of February, 1620, was the first of the family subsequently identified with Lockington. This gentleman married one Dorothy. . . . . . . . who was buried at Kneveton on the 21st June, 1600. By her be had a son John. His second wife was Helenor Marriott, whom he married on the 19th October, 1602, at Kneveton. She was buried there on the 28th November, 1639.

By the marriage of John Story and Anne Lacock, daughter of Philip Lacock of East Stoke and Newborough, the Story family of Lockington have a collateral descent from Edmund Cartwright and Agnes, daughter of Thomas Cranmer and sister of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Elizabeth Bainbrlgge, the daughter of William Bainbrigge and Mary, daughter of Philip Lacock of Woodborough, devised Lockington to the Rev. Philip Story in 1797.

The Bainbrigges, alike with the Stories, were an ancient North country family.

It is a singular coincidence that in the 19th Edward II. Adam le Storrour is plaintiff against Elizabeth, wife of Thomas, son of James de Bainbrigge, in a plea of land in Skelton, co. York. P. 204, Harrison's "History of Yorkshire."

The Rev. Philip Story, Rector of Waltham-on-the-WoIds, 1776, Vicar of Lockington in 1777, was in 1797 owner and lord of the manor of Lockington. He was born in 1747, and died on the 25th May, 1819, aged 71, his interment taking place on the 1st June of the said year, at Lockington. Mr. Story married Martha, daughter of