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Crest of Sir Thomas Storey

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by Brad Storey


name mentioned by Viscount Charles Theobald or present Viscount Harold. Is not there a mixing up of the Clonbroch Dillons and these Dillons? I regret I cannot give you any information on the Story, Storey and Stories, or where those were located whom you mention. - Yours faithfully, F. J. STORY.


It would scarcely be correct form to omit Storeysgate from a work of this nature. A vast amount of research has been undertaken during the past three or four years with the object of ascertaining the origin of the Storeys who gave their name to the particular part of St. James's Park where the dwelling and gate of the royal aviary keepers stood. Not one of all the members of the present branches of the Story and Storey families can give any linking Items, as one may term them, supplying something like descent from these Westminster Storeys. Perhaps the writer of the following eleven lines endeavoured to find out the Story of Storeysgate. Judging, however, from his effusion he did not succeed.


by Cecil Harbottle (p. 123 of N. & Q., vol. X., July-December, 1854) is here re-produced.

"'Tis well the gate is down.
Who was this Storey that his long-lost name
Should be inscribed upon the roll of fame,
And, after ages of oblivion, claim
A posthumous renown ?
Came he of gentle blood or humble birth,
Plebeian was he or patrician ?
Perhaps he fill'd some office in the state,
But was he ever known as Whig or Tory ?
All seems a blank. Tho' Storey had a gate
'Tis plain his gate will never have a story.

Storey's, Bird-cage Walk, was a house of public entertainment says N. & Q., vol. I., November, 1849, to May, 1850.

Edward Storey was the Keeper of the Volary to Charles II., which volary, or aviary, was so large that the birds could fly about in it, hence the name Bird-cage Walk. N. & Q., vol. X., July-December, 1854.

Wheatley's "London" says that Storeysgate was so called after Edward Storey, who lived in a house on the site of the present gate. He was the Keeper of the Volary to Charles II., died in 1684, and was buried within the Church of St. Margaret's, Westminster. A William Storey is mentioned in 1690 concerning a tenement.

It appears that one "Abraham Storey lived in Pall Mall even before the Restoration. He, or one of the same family, is commemorated in Storeysgate."