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Crest of Sir Thomas Storey

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Section VII.
Biographical Section.


Thomas Story, the distinguished member of the Society of Friends, was educated at Carlisle Grammar School. He then went in for the study of law, and read under Dr. Richard Gilpin, of Scaleby Castle (County Cumb.) He settled in chambers in the Border City in 1687. Up to this period he was a churchman. He became a member of the Society of Friends on the 1st April, 1689. In 1693 he met William Penn and accompanied the latter to Ireland in 1698. Settling for some time in New England, Thomas Story became the first Recorder of Philadelphia by charter dated 25th October, 1701. He was shortly afterwards constituted a member of the Council of State - held the office of Keeper of the Great Seal and Master of the Rolls. Next we find him nominated Mayor of Philadelphia in 1706. Declining to serve he paid the fine of £20. (See Proud's "History of Pennsylvania.") Among other offices held by Thomas Story was that of Treasurer to the Pennsylvania Land Company. He returned to London on the 6th December, 1714. In 1718 he attended the funeral of William Penn. Mr. Story's wife was Ann, daughter of Edward Shippen, a gentleman who left Yorkshire for Philadelphia in 1675. Mr. Shippen was a Boston merchant. He belonged to Methley in the county of broad acres, and was the son of William and Mary Shippen. He died on the 2nd October, 1712. Edward Shippen's first wife was named Elizabeth Lybrand, of Boston. This lady be married in 1671. She died at Boston, 25th October, 1688. The second wife of this gentle-man was Rebecca, daughter of John Howard, of York, and widow of ffrancis Richardson. His third wife, whom he married in Philadelphia, was Esther, daughter of Barnaby Wilcox and widow of Philip James (see Ancestry of Rosalie Norris Johnson, pp. 187-188 and 191). Ann Shippen was a daughter of the first wife.

Thomas Story purchased Justice Town from his brother's widow, circa 1723. This lady's husband was George Story, the well-known Dean of Limerick.

In 1741 he was seized with an attack of paralysis. He recovered, and, in the summer, left London for Justice Town. In the following spring he was seized with another attack, and died on the 24th June, 1742. His remains were buried in the ground of the Friends' Meeting House, Carlisle. (See "Annals of the Early Friends," by Frances Anne Bridge, No. 16 - Thomas Story, 1877).

Dean Story was a great admirer of Schomberg, the distinguished Field Marshal. He was present at the battle of the Boyne with Lord Drogheda. He was a supporter of the House of Hanover. He it was who executed an excellent map of Londonderry and wrote a "History of the War," dedicating the latter to William, Prince of Orange. George Warter Story, as he is termed in the Dictionary of National Biography, was chaplain to the Dowager Countess of Carlisle from 1688. In 1694 he became Dean of Connor (see Story's Journal, p. 51), Dean of Limerick, 7th April, 1705. He preached at St. Dunstan's Church,