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Crest of Sir Thomas Storey

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marryed to Mr. Thomas Story, of Justice Town, the 12th of January, 1658. She left issue, George, Christopher, Thomas, and Anne, and dyed the 1st of February, 1674."

Page 138. A little west from ye chancel door.

"Under this stone lyes Thomas Story,
Whose soul is gone to Heavenly Glory.
Admirable for Wisdome, and well so approved;
In England and Scotland by Rich and Poor loved:
Had sixteen Sons, and four Daughters fair,
Which Annas his loving Wife to him bare."

"Liv'd 65 year. Died ye 1st of Mar. 1632."

Page 207. Thomas Story, Rector of Kirkbampton, 1704.
Page 211. Thomas Story, Vicar of Burgh-by-Sands, 1704.
The same person.

The Thomassin Story who died in 1674, appears to have been the mother of Thomas Story, of Justice Town and Pennsylvania.

Thomas Story died in 1742, and was interred in the Friends' Burying Ground, Fisher Street, Carlisle.

His brother, George, was for a time Rector of Kirklinton. He was afterwards Dean of Carrickfergus. He is described by Christopher Story, of Righead, as "kind to Friends."

Thomas Story was married in 1706 to Ann Shippen, the daughter of Edward Skippen, a member of the Society of Friends, who left England in 1675, and settled in Philadelphia, of which town he was the first Mayor. He was also speaker of the House of Assembly.

Ann Story died in 1711 or 1712. His marriage is never named in his Journal, and the account here given is extracted from Chancellor Ferguson's "Early Cumberland and Westmorland Friends." Chancellor Ferguson does not mention any children, so probably there were none.

Christopher Story, of Righead, in Kirklinton, was born in 1648. His father was a younger son of a Story, of The Lake, in Kirklinton, and his mother was Elizabeth Parret, daughter of Christopher Parret, who had been Rector of Kirklinton. He it was who bought Righead, which afterwards came into possession of Christopher Story, of whom we write. In January, 1666/1667, Christopher Story was married at Kirklinton Church to Bridget Grame (Bridget Graham). They lived at Righead, and the names of their family found in the Journal, are Richard, Thomas, Mary, Rachel, Christopher, aud Abigail. Christopher was married on the 28th of the fourth month, 1715, to Mary Graham, of Sikeside. A daughter married Robert Latimer, of Parcelstown, and either they, or a son, went to reside in Askerton. Some of the descendants of Robert Latimer are still connected with the Society of Friends, but the descendants of the sons, at least of the name of Story, are not in any way connected with the Society.