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Crest of Sir Thomas Storey

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In 1818, Principal Story's father married Helen Boyle Dunlop, daughter of Alexander Dunlop of Keppoch, some time banker in Greenock, and who traced his descent from William Dunlop, Principal of the University of Glasgow in 1698, just two centuries before Principal Story was appointed to the same office. The elder sister of Dr. Story's mother was Jane, who married one John Cadell, and dwelt at Edinburgh. (Pages 1, 7, 10, 22, 27, 33, 47, 76, 77, 81 and 84, are of interest in regard to Principal Story's family connections). This illustrious man was Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Glasgow, one of His Majesty's Chaplains, and held the degrees of D.D., and LL.D.


"The Century Cyclopedia of Names" states that the Hon. Joseph Story, the eminent U.S.A. jurist, was born at Marblehead, Mass., Sep. 18, 1779; died at Cambridge, Mass., Sep. 10, 1845. An eminent American jurist. He graduated at Harvard in 1798; began the practice of law in 1801 in Salem; was Democratic Member of Congress from Massachusetts 1808-09; was associate justice of the United States Supreme Court 1811-45; and was professor of law at Harvard in 1829-45. He published "Commentaries on the Law of Bailments" (1832), "Commentaries on the Constitution of the United States" (1833), "On the Conflict of Laws" (1834), "On Equity Jurisprudence" 1835-36), "Equity Pleadings" (1838), "Law of Agency" (1839), "Law of Partnership" (1841), "Law of Bills of Exchange" (1843), "Law of Promissory Notes," Circuit Court decisions and Supreme Court reports. His "Miscellaneous Writings" were edited by his son.

The "Life and Letters of Joseph Story" a work in two vols., was dedicated by the author to his mother. It was published by John Chapman, of 142, Strand, and is dated 1851.

In the National Portrait Gallery of Eminent Americans (Johnson, Fry & Co., Publishers. New York, 1862), Vol. 1. p. 430, an engraving of Joseph Story appears. It is from an original painting by Chappell in the possession of the publishers in 1862, the address of the publishers was 27, Beekman Street, New York. (Letter of William M. Mervine, F.G.S., Penn. and F. Hist. S. Penn., New Jersey and Maryland. Also member of the Historical Societies of Berks., Bucks., Cumberland and Lancaster Counties, Penn., 4th July, 1908.)

"The best portrait of Judge Story is one by Chester Harding, which hangs within the Library of the Harvard Law School. A photogravure was made from it not long ago, for a History of the Harvard Law School, which is now being written by Mr. Charles Warren of Boston. . . . . . . . A bust of the Judge is in the Memorial Hall."

(Letter of W. C. Lane, Librarian, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass., 4th March, 1908).