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Crest of Sir Thomas Storey

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Sunday, 3 February 2008
by Brad Storey


Mr. Isaac Henry Storey, eldest son of the late Mr. Edward Storey, J.P., of Crosslands, Lancaster, was born on the 2nd of July, 1854. He received his early education at the Lancaster Grammar School, and proceeded thence to Owens College, Manchester. Notwithstanding the fact that he has been closely identified with the White Cross industry, and also with the Rembrandt Intaglio Company, Limited, and the Permanent Decorative Glass Company, Limited, both of which companies he may be said to have had a large share in founding, he is known in capacities far removed from the exclusively commercial. Most zealously has Mr. Storey devoted whatever time could be spared from ordinary business pursuits to scientific subjects, and particularly to that branch of science designated wireless telegraphy. He is also skilled in photology, and possesses a mind naturally analytical. Unobtrusive, somewhat retiring, and no waster of words, it is not easy to treat of this gentleman in such a manner as shall not prove distasteful to him. It was not, however, reasonable to leave out of this section a scion of the "Clan Storey" family so well known and justly esteemed as lie. Mr. Storey married Eleanor Anita, daughter of Sir James Farmer, Knight, J.P., of Eccles, Manchester, by whom he has a family of three daughters. He resides at Loughrigg Brow, Ambleside, Westmorland.

A characteristic North of England man is Colonel James Henry Storey, of New York. The Colonel is descended from John Storey, of the White Cross, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. His father, Mr. James Vaughan Storey, was a Free Tanner, of Newcastle, the son of Commander Storey, R. N. The mother of Colonel Storey was Mary Ann, daughter of Mr. John Wright, of Haydon Bridge. The Colonel has had a somewhat eventful career. He left home before he was fifteen years old, in 1862, and took an active part in the Civil War. After that war he was stationed on the remote frontier, Indian campaigning, at that period miles away from civilisation. In due course he returned to the United States and entered the Seizure Room Military Depot, in Washington Street, New York. The Colonel still remains very fit, although he has seen sixty-seven years, having been first introduced to this world on the 30th May, 1847. By his consort, Annie, nee Cheshire, he has two sons and three daughters. The eldest son, Mr. Henry Martin Storey, has recently been appointed a Director of the Standard Oil Company of California, and is permanently located at San Francisco. Colonel Storey has kindly forwarded a pedigree of his branch of the Storeys of Newcastle and Bishop Wearmouth. At the request of the compiler, a portrait of this chip of the "Storeys of Old" has likewise been transmitted.

Heartily interested as this gentleman is in "Storeys of Old, "a few notes may fitly appear regarding him. He is a member of the family of the Hon. Joseph Story, the well known Chief Justice of the United States, as the pedigree of the illustrious jurist indicates.