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Crest of Sir Thomas Storey

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Mr. Henry Grafton Story is a quiet unobtrusive man, who in early life did not enjoy the best of health. After entering into mercantile pursuits he improved, and for twenty-five years has been identified with stock and bond business. For more than sixteen years he served in the 23rd Regiment, N.C.S., N.Y. (Volunteer Militia). In 1896, Mr. Story married Marion, daughter of Frederick K. Massey, Esq., and the issue of this union is one child - a daughter - Miss Louise Story. As Mr. Story remarks, he "has followed the example of his ancestors and served the State." An excellent lineage of the Boston Storys was tabulated by the subject of this notice and will be found in the section dealing with American branches.

This clergyman, who was Rector of Milstead, Kent, married Miss Mary Beatrice Storey at Lancaster in 1902. He was the son of the late Rev. John Julian, D.D., LL.D., author of "A Dictionary of Hymns, giving the origin and history of Christian hymns of all ages and nations, 1907." Dr. Julian supplemented this unique work by a history of "Sacred Carols, Ancient and Modern, illustrated, 1910." Canon Julian had the degree of D.D. conferred upon him by the Archbishop of Canterbury; the degree of LL.D. being conferred by the Howard College, U.S.A. The reverend gentleman was at St. Mark's Church, Liverpool, from 1868 to 1871, and was at St. Peter's Church, Preston, from 1871 to 1876. For several years he held the vicariate of Topcliffe, near Thirsk, Yorkshire, where he died in January, 1913.

The Rev. C. E. Julian died in June, 1906.

One may be pardoned for observing that Julian is a very ancient name. It was the name of the Roman Emperor (Flavius Claudus Juliano), who reigned from 331 to 363. He was known as "Julian the Apostate." The name is closely connected with Ireland.

"Sacred to the memory of the Rev. Bryan Waller, M.A., for thirty-six years Vicar of this parish, Born June 1st, 1765; died August 17th, 1842. Jane, relict of the above died September 22nd, 1873, aged 71 years." A Bryon Atkinson Waller reposes in another portion of the burial ground. He was born May 30th, 1832, and died at Burton, January 6th, 1873.

The above records are to be met with in St. James's Churchyard, Burton-in-Kendal.

Quite a notable character in his day and generation was the Rev. Bryan Waller, M.A. For some time he was private secretary to the Right Honorable Edmund Burke, M.P. He was born in Lancaster and educated at the Lancaster Grammar School, which then stood on the west side of the Priory and Parish Church of St. Mary, and was the second school occupying the same site. He left this ancient seat of local learning in his nineteenth year, proceeding to Trinity College, Cambridge. Bryan Waller began life as a