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Crest of Sir Thomas Storey

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Sunday, 3 February 2008
by Brad Storey


  1. Storey (Shum) of Ham co. Surrey, three generations to 1823. Arms as No. 6.
  2. Storey-Shum, of Ham co. Surrey, Ramsgate co. Kent, and Arcot co. Northumberland; Continuation of pedigree (as entered No. 28) to 1850.
  3. Storey (Cavan) two generations to 1825, connected with Delap.
  4. Story-Maskelyne (formerly Story) of Lyddiard and Box, co. Wilts, also of Dorset, Gloucester and London, pedigree.
  5. Story (Salop) Thomas, of Littlehalles, married Anne Thickness, ante 1553.
  6. Story, John, of Asleby, Stockton Ward, Co. Durham, disclaimed 1615.
  7. Story arms Gules on a fesse argent, three crosses patee of the first, as a quartering for Wood.
  8. Pedigree of Storie of Camberwell and Paisley seven generations to 1825, motto and tricking of arms.
  9. Storey (Salop) Thomas, of Little Haley married Ann Thickness, circa 1560.
  10. Story (Notts) Lucy daughter of Thomas of Colwick, married Robert Wood.
  11. Story (Notts) of Kneeton and Lockington three generations to 1785.
  12. Story (George Story and issue) 2 generations to 1774, connected with Strode.
  13. Story of Wakefleld and Haselborough, three generations to 1650 with notes. Arms, a cross moline.
  14. As No. 40.
  15. (a) Storey married Bigg. Early match.
  16. Story of Kneveton and East Stoke and The Forest Co. Nottingham, Lockington and Knighton co. Leicester, connected with Laycock, nine generations to 1908.
  17. Storie. Reverend John Storie, Vicar of Camberwell, married Elizabeth Perring 1822.
  18. Storey, Elizabeth 1800.
  19. Storey, Isaac 1827.
  20. Story, Thomas and Katherine his wife 1714.
  21. Story, Martha, 1681.
  22. Story, Cockayne, 1715.
  23. Storie, Henrie, of Williscombe 1605.
  24. Storie, John, of Haselborough and Norton, will 1774.


Heralds' College,
London, 19 April, 1909.


  1. STORY OF LONDON, 1634. Argent a lion rampant purpure, gorged with a ducal coronet, or, see also Robson's Heraldry.
  2. STORY, SHROPSHIRE. Argent, a lion rampant purpure, tail forked.
  3. STORY, SUSSEX. Per fesse, argent and sable, a pale countercharged, three ravens proper.
  4. STORY. Sable on a chevron argent, between three lions heads erased or; as many roses gules. Crest: a cupid; in the dexter hand an arrow, in the sinister a bow, and at his back a quiver proper.
  5. STORY. Argent, a lion rampant purpure, crowned, or; tail forked, on the shoulder a cross pattee of the field.
  6. STORY. Argent, a lion rampant purpure; on the shoulder a cross pattee. or.
  7. STORY. Sable, a lion rampant reguardant, or.
  8. STORY. Ermine, on a saltire, engrailed sable; a leopard's head, or.
  9. STORY. Argent, a heron close, sable, membered, gules.
  10. STURY, OR STURRY, of ROSSAL, SALOP. Argent & lion rampant with two tails, purpure.
  11. STORY, as borne by George Shunn Story (Story of Ham, in Co. Surrey), who, in 1823, assumed by sign manual the name and arms of Story. Quarterly, indented, argent and sable, three falcons, counterchanged for Storey, quartering Shunn. Crest: a falcon sable within a chaplet of laurel proper charged on the breast with an eastern crown, or, and bearing a saltire couped of the last for distinction.
  12. STOREY, Shattesbury, Co. Dorset. Per fesse argent and sable a pale counterchanged, three storks of the last. Crest: a stork proper.