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Crest of Sir Thomas Storey

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Sunday, 3 February 2008
by Brad Storey


The second and third floors are devoted entirely to the School of Art, additional rooms being provided for studies from the cast, life, design, modelling, painting, and enamelling. Teachers' rooms, cloak rooms, &c., are provided on each floor.

The walls of all the corridors are hung with reproductions of paintings of the Great Masters," furnished by the donor.

At the entrance to the corridor, on the first floor, is a bust in bronze of Mr. H. L. Storey, modelled by Miss Delahunt, one of the Art Teachers, the same being presented to the Institute by the students and staff as a mark of gratitude to Mr. Storey for thus providing the means of acquiring a more efficient training than was before possible.

The whole of the building is furnished and equipped with the most modern appliances for the teaching of art, science, domestic, commercial, and technical subjects.

Lancastrians feel deeply grateful to Sir Thomas Storey, and his son, Mr. H. L. Storey, for providing such a handsome block of buildings, so efficiently equipped, which will fill the needs of Secondary Education for many years to come.

From a collection of register extracts the following selection of Storys or Storeys, with their leading Christian names, male and female, is here given.

There was a fire at Arthuret church a few years ago, and the older Registers, dating from about 1630, were damaged so much as to be scarcely readable.

ARTHURET. Marriage-

    John Davidson and Mary Story both of this parish married 23rd Feb. 1741.
ARTHURET. Baptism-
    Will. Ye son of Geo: Sturrey bap. 8th Oct. 1693.
ARTHURET. Burials-
    Dorothy, dr. of Robert Story buried Sept. 1st 1666.
    John Storye aged 100 years buried 18th ffeb. 1667-8.
    Thomasine, wife to Thomas Story of Justistown, buried 4th ffeb. 1675.
    May Storey, daughter of Ingrim Story, buried April 28th 1675.
    Gracie Storye of Peartree, buried, 16th Nov. 1675.
    Janett Storye of Holme a poor woman, buried, No. 7th 1677.
    Herbert, sone to Robert Storye of the Knowe, an infant, buried, 12th Nov 1677.
    Mary, wife of Herbert Storye of the Know, buried, N.D. ffeb. 1678.
    Nichola, the daughter of Robert Story of Know, buried, 25th March 1681-2.
    Margett, the wife of George Story of How End, buried, 7th Jan: 1682.
    Tho: Story, sonne to Richard Story, sener, in How End, buried, 17th May 1682.
    William, son of Ingrim Store of Holme, buried, 18th Sept. 1682.
    ........ Widdow Storey of Justice Towne, buried, 4th June 1686.
    Arthur Story - Chwarden of Arthuret in 1687.
    Margaret, wife of Jo: Sturrey, buryed June 14th 1693.
    Jane, wife of Walter Story buryed, April 6th 1697.
    Blanca, soror Samuelis Story de Longtown sepult. Decem. 11th 1704.
    Robert Ye son of Sam: Story of Longtown, buried Jan: 22nd 1705-6.
    Eleanor Story de lake in Lake in parochia, Kirkandrews, sepulta 7th Martij 1720.
    Herbertus filius Roberti Story de Know in parochia de Kirkandrews, sepultus. May 9th 1720.