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Crest of Sir Thomas Storey

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Sunday, 3 February 2008
by Brad Storey


    1767. John Story and Mary Molden, both of ye parish of Stanwix, 29th December.
    1795. John Story of Stanwix and Ann Jackson of Kirklinton by license, 11th July.
      M. Wheelwright, Curate.
    1799. William Story and Abigail Hume of this parish, 11th December.
    1815. November 11th. Robert Story of this parish and Rebecca Baty, by banns.
      Jos. Hudson. Vicar.
      Witnesses, Edw. Winthorp, Robert Graham.
    1817, 20th Apl. Joseph Story of St Cuthbert's parish and Isabella Blacklock.
      Joseph Hudson, Vicar.
      Witnesses, George Blacklock, Henry Armstrong.
    1820, 24th June. John Rush of Stanwix and Jane Story of Stanwix, by license.
      Jos. Hudson, Vicar.
      Witnesses, Richard Lowery, Thomas Pringle.
    1831, 21st June. Robert Sewell of Dalston and Elizabeth Story. by lic.
      John Hudson, Vicar.
      Witnesses, David Armstrong, Elizabeth Story.
    1831, 28th Aug. Anthony Metcalfe of Gale in the county of York and Ann Story of this parish by license.
      Jos. Hudson, Vicar.
      Witnesses, William Story, Mary Story, Rt. Graham.
    1832, 14th Oct. William Storey of this parish and Ann Pescod by license.
      Jos. Hudson, Vicar.
      Witnesses, Jonathan Bendle. William Carruthers.
STANWIX. Burials-
    1676. Mary, ftl. Randall Story de Cargo Sepult October 29th.
    1079. Randall Story of Cargo, buried 8th February 1679.
    1731. Ann, wife of George Story of Houghton, 7th March.
    1739. Jane, wife of George Story of Rickerby, buried November 81st.
    1746. George Story of Rickerby, buried 11th March.
    1763. Thomas Story of Rickerby, burd 27th October.
    1769. Mary, ye daughter of John Story, his wife, buried June 1st.
    1774. James Story of Stanwix labourer, burd aged 68, November 23rd.
    1785. Thomas, son of John Story of Blackhall, buried aged 6 years. May 23rd.
    1801. January 26th, Jane daughter of George Story of Blackwell, aged 3 years.
    1806. August 31st, John Story of Carlisle, householder, aged 61 (Shaddongate?).
    1807. 22nd July. Mary Story of Cargo, widow, aged 86 years.
    1814. Jany. 14th, Mary Story of Carlisle, aged 66 years. (Probably wife of above John.)
    1818. May 4th, George Story of Carlisle, aged 7 years.
    1821. December 12th, Abaigail (née Hume) Story of Carlisle, buried Decr 12th aged 48 years.
    1822. Feby 27th, William Story of Caldew Gate, Carlisle, aged 16 years.
    1822. May 29th, William Story of Carlisle, aged 69 years.
    1823. Jany 20th, William Story of Carlisle, buried aged 9 weeks.
    1823. July 80th, Jane Story of Carlisle, aged 26 years.
    1825. Octr 9th, Ann Story of Carlisle, aged 24 years.
    1832. July 25th, Ann Story of Cargo, aged 62 years.
    1833. March 4th, Joseph Story of Kingstown. Kingmoor, aged 5 years.
    1841. May 20th, George Story of Blackwell buried, aged 70 years.
    1843. May 8th, John Story of Cargo, buried aged 76 years. (Grandfather of John S. of Kirkland House, Wigton.)
    1845. Dec. 29th, Jane Story of Carlisle, aged 74 years.
      Thos. Wilkinson, Vicar,