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Crest of Sir Thomas Storey

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Sunday, 3 February 2008
by Brad Storey



    To the memory of John Story of Carlisle, who died March 3rd 1843. Aged 52 years To John his son who died October 1st 1846 aged 26 years.

Another grave:-

    To the memory of James Story who died December 8th 1843 aged 38 years.
    To Jane wife of John Storey who died July 16th 1852 aged 41 years. Also to William Routledge who died at Bombay, December 25th 1815 aged 25 years. Also to Nelson, son of John and Jane Storey who died July 4th 1854 aged 6 years; also to Joseph who died September 19th 1855 aged 3 years.


"In memory of Ann, wife of John Story of Cargo, who died on the 21st July 1832; Also the above John Story who died on the 5th May 1843 aged 76 years. Also John their son who died 27th June 1849, aged 41 years; Also of Jane their daughter who died 6th November 1861 aged 63. Also Ann, their daughter who died 28th October 1869. aged 50 years."

    (See Pedigrees, Story families of Cargo and Kirklinton.)
    John Story, Esqre of Kirkland House, was of the Storys of Cargo.

    In memory of John Story of Shaddongate who died 3rd March 1843 aged 52 years.
    Also of Mary his wife who died 4th July 1846 aged 66 years.
    Also John their son, who died 1st October 1846 aged 26 years.
    Also of Joseph, their son, who died on the 6th May 1855 aged 29 years.

    Jonathan Story second son of John and Mary Story who died 9th January 1903 aged. 81 years.
    Also of Ann, daughter of John and Mary Story who died 8th February 1903 aged 79 years.

    In memory of George Story who died at Evening Hill October 12th 1890 aged 62 years.
    George, third son of George Story who died March 2nd 1867 aged 6 years.

    In memory of Ann wife of Joseph Thompson Story, born June 21st 1837. died February 14th 1885.
    Also of the above Joseph Thompson Story, born April 12th 1834, died July 20th 1901.
    Eleanor, daughter of the above, born September 1876, died August 1882.
    Also Annie, daughter of the above and wife of Walter Johnson, born February 1862, died January 1900.
    Also of Sarah daughter of the above and wife of Robert Hutchinson, born January 17th 1860, died January 16th 1903.

    In memory of Elizabeth youngest daughter of the late John Story of Carlisle, who died 17th November 1859 aged 24 years. Also John Story, who died at Liverpool May 24th 1865 aged 28. Also to James Phillips who died at Scotby, September 2nd 1871 aged 55, Jane his widow, died at Winlaton Blaydon on Tyne July 5th 1882 aged 75. Emma Storey youngest daughter of James and Jane Phillips, died at Scotby September 9th 1868 aged -9 years. Annie, eldest daughter of James and Jane Phillips and wife of Francis Allen, died January 18th 1872 aged 52 years.

    Ann. wife of Joseph Story died July 26th 1885 aged 52 years. Joseph Story died Jan. 26th 1892, aged 59.


    "Mary, wife of Thomas Story died at Kingmoor, February 12th 1869.
    Thomas Story died at Rockcliffe Demesne July 3rd 1897, aged 61 years."