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Crest of Sir Thomas Storey

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From Durham Cathedral, Durham Marriage Bonds, Northern Genealogist, Lincoln Marriage Licenses, Ordination Entries at Ely; Garrigill Church Registers.

Many of these items are given simply to prove the antiquity of the name and its numerous variants. It would be impossible to locate correctly in a lineage all the Storys, Stories, and Storeys mentioned.

From Registers of Marriage in the Cathedral Church of Durham (Harl. Soc.). :—

    1669. Christopher Messenger uxorem duxit Elizabetha Story 29th December.
    1706. May 14th, George Carlisle of Readmarshall and Margaret Story of Sedgfleld.
    1709. April 30th, Robert Story of Casington Parish to Doroth(y) Robinson of ye Parish of Houghton le Spring.
    1710. August 27th, Henry Story of Witt Gilbert and Elizabeth Jopling of Brancepeth.
Another entry taken from the Durham Marriage Bonds is as follows:—
    1665. November 27th, Thomas Redhead, of Giliigate, and Elizabeth Story,
    (widow p. 184 Northern Registers, vols I. and II.)
    1730. January 27th, Mr. Jonathan Storey buried, in Durham Cathedral (Harl. Soc.).
The same "Marriage Bonds" include the following:—
    1730. October 23rd, John Eyre of Thorpe Salvin, bachelor, 25, and Mary Story, of the same
    place, spinster, married at Handsworth (p. 148, vols. III. and IV.).
    1735. January 5th, William Story of Heslington, weaver, 27, bachelor, and Mary Agar of
    the same place, spinster, in S. Lawrence or S. Sampson, Yorkshire.
"The Northern Genealogist," edited by Mr. A. Gibbons, F.S.A., 1902, gives the following items:—

(Registers of Claycoton, Northants. Anno Domini 1596. Robert Britten and Margerie Storie were married on ye xiiith day of October (p. 95).)

    1652. Christopher Storye and Elizabeth Booth (vols. I. and II., p. 46).
    1659. Christopher Story and Elizabeth Nut (Id., p. 48).
    1665. October 30th, John Collishaw of Newarke-upon-Trent County Nottingham yeoman
    and Joan Stoor of Siston, widow. Surety, George Bally of Lincoln.
    1770. December 26, Thomas Story of Water, Farmer 21, and Susanna Williamson of East
    Cottingworth, Aughton, 21, spinster, in Water Church (p. 28, vols. iil. and iv.. Id.).