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Crest of Sir Thomas Storey

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Sunday, 3 February 2008
by Brad Storey


Arms of Storys of Waltham Cross245
Arms of Storys of Yorkshire246
Arms of Storys of Kirklinton155
Arms of Storys of Newcastle-upon-Tyne70, 245
Arms of Storye, E. J. Story on70-84
Arms of various branches of Story, Storey and Storie family241-246
Arms, Lion, borne by Storeys250
Arms of Greig of Kelso (Edinburgh Greigs)249
Armstrong (Fortinbras)93
Arthuret Church, Story Memorials therein148,189,190,262
Arthuret Church, Storey Register Extracts253
Ashworth, William, and Bailrigg240
Askews of Middleton, Kirkby Lonsdale 155
Assize Roll; Northumberland, Johannes le Sturreys named thereon21
Atkinson, Thomas, of Long Green Head, Troutbeck, Westmorland108-114
Akinson, Robert109
Atkinson, David111
Atkinson, MSS., and Bishop Edward Story, of Carlisle, et subs Chichester 33
Atkinson, Thomas, Seal of114
Atkinson, Robert 125
Atkinson-Storey Marriage (Troutbeck Storeys, Westmorland)122-128
Atkinson, Christopher114
Atkinson, Arms247
Aylward, Roger, of Scotforth and Bailrigg238
Backhouse, Richard109
Backhouse, Isabel110
Baggots of Pawston, and Stories89
Bailrigg, Roger de288
Bailrigg, Adam de 288
Bailrigg, John de288
Bailrigg, Thomas de288
Bainbrigges and Storys, of Lockington167
Banester, Robert112
Baptisms, &c. Story, at Kirklinton and Arthuret253-254
Baptisms, &c., Story, at Stanwix 257
Bardsea, Isaac Storey of105
Barnard-Story Marriage 171
Barnwell, Cambridge, or Burnwell, Manor of22-32
Barony of Kendal, Court Roll and Storey Entries127
Barrow-Storey Marriage128
Bateman, George, of Bailrigg 240
Bath, Storys of99
Baty, Arms of (Arthuret and Kirklinton Batys)247
Beanley, Ralf Storey, of26
Beanley-Employer and his Hind57
Beanley Parish, Antiquity of56
Beck, Matthew, and Thomas Beck106
Beck, George, and Miles Beck111
Beckett, John, Robert and Brands, &c., of Bailrigg240
Beckside, Troutbeck, Westmorland124-276
Belgian Storys25,26,271

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