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Crest of Sir Thomas Storey

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Sunday, 3 February 2008
by Brad Storey


Bell-Makinson (Gretna Hall Marriage)136
Bellingham, James112
Bellingham, Richard, of Bellingham121
Bellingham, James, of Kendal Barony128
Benson Close109
Benson, Edward110
Benson, Jervoise111
Benson-Storey Indenture119
Beresford Family and Storeys133
Best, Thomas, and Bailrigg238
Beverley Minster, Storeys named in connection with 23
Bewcastle, John Story of144
Bingfield, Hexham, Storys of51,52,53,54,60
Binns, Jonathan, of Lancaster, and the Storeys of Bardsea105
Bird Cage Walk, St. James's Park174,177
Birkett, George 113
Birkett, Thomas113
Birkett-Storey, Deed of Goods, etc.119
Birkett, Arms of247
Birkrigge Park, Robert Storey of109
Birthplace of Bishop Edward Story (question of)33
Bishop Story, of Carlisle, et subs. Chichester23,32,33,34,35,
Bishopwearmouth Storys74
Black, John143
Blamire-Storey Marriage105
Blamire alias Blamore, Arms of247
Bland, James109
Blood Feuds47-48
Bolebec, Bolebeck alias Bolebet, and Story Family94-95
Bolebeck Hall, Newcastle-upon-Tyne95
Bolsore - Bolsover22-32
Bolton - Hayton Marriage122
Borromans 108
Boston, U.S.A., Storys of161
Boughey, Bold, of London, and Christopher Storey180
Bowness-on-Solway, Story Memorials at261
Bracken, Christopher, and Bailrigg240
Braithwaite-Story Marriage122
Braithwaite of Ambleside, Arms of247
Braithwaite of Hugill, Arms of247
Braithwaite of Westminster, Arms of247
Brampton, Cumberland, Storeys of145
Brampton, Story, Wm., Memorial to259
Brewer - Story Marriage171,172,180
Britch, Jane111
Broade Street, Storyes of (small ped.)179
Bronolmshead, Gilbert de121
Browhead, Applethwaite, Westmorland (Appendix 276)120
Browhead, Storeys of (see Appendix also)118-119
Browne-Storey Marriage105
Browne, Benjamin, Junr114
Browne, George114
Browne, William, Junr114
Brownes and Storeys of Troutbeck, Co. Westmorland120-136
Brownes of Orrest Head, Westmorland250
Browne of Everton, Arms of247
Browne of Lancashire, Arms of 247
Brownrigg Family122,138,139,140

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