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Crest of Sir Thomas Storey

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Sunday, 3 February 2008
by Brad Storey



Abbots of Calder Abbey295
AbstractsofWills, Bonds,&c, of Patricksons, Ponsonbys, Fletchers,&c. (see under Wills)311,314,317
Addendum to Story of the Lake Pedigree (Kirklinton)349
Addendum to Cargo Story Pedigree349
Aglionby Family, and Arms of305
Ainsworth, Harrison, and Ebers Family 345
Ancestors of Belgian Storys, Richard and Susannah Story, Deptford Church Registers271
Ancient Register Extracts and Miscellaneous Story Items263
Annandale Family and Stories267
Antiquity of the Machell Family 284
An Appreciation, George Browne, of Troutbeck, Westmorland346
Applethwaite, Beckside, Browhead, Townhead and Troutbeck, Lords' Rentals, &c.(George Brown on) 275
Arms of the Patrickson Family291-309
Arms of Families allied to the Patricksons303
Ashburton, Earl of, and the Dunning and Sherren Families 320
Atkinson, Robert, Applethwaite, Westmorland278
Authorities quoted in this Work, List of353
Autograph Verses by William Wetmore Story (with signature)274


Bacon, Lord, and Patrickson, Key Dispute 309
Baptisms, Patricksons, at Stanwix Church (Carlisle) also St. Bees308
Battle of Solway Moss and Storeys267
Bishop Story of Chichester; Will and Codicil of287
Barrow, William, Applethwaite, Westmorland278
Beckside, Troutbeck, Co. Westmorland275-276
Belgian Storys or Storeys271
Benjamin Story (Deptford Church Register)271
Bensons, Arms of305
Birkett-Storey Families280
Bishopwearmouth, Story Memorial in Parish Church of274
Books, Pamphlets, Manuscripts, &c., consulted and quoted, List of353
Booth-Story Marriage263
Boulton, William, Barrow-in-Furness346
"Bowbearers of Ennerdale Forest," Co. Cumberland299
Brewers and Sherrens (see General Index 171, 172, 180)332
British Museum and eminent Storys and Storeys270-272
Brames, Peter318
Brooke, Will of (Elizabeth, Sara, John, Thomas and Mary Storye named therein)266
Browhead, Applethwaite, Co. Westmorland276

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