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Crest of Sir Thomas Storey

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Thursday, 31 January 2008
by Brad Storey

Index to Pedigree Charts

This page will be updated as the Pedigree Charts are completed.

To create an Index from the book is difficult, as the pages don't line up with each other and are incomplete and out of order. Only after pulling the pages out of the book and filling in the gaps from the LDS microfilm can you get a complete Pedigree Chart.

The new Indices will be made from the GEDcom files made from each chart and will be listed as EXCEL files. When all Pedigree Chart Indices are completed a Master Index will be created.

NOTE: There are no completed indices or working
links on this page, only headers.

1.Pedigree Index of Story of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
2.Pedigree Index of Story of Bishop Wearmouth.
3.Pedigree Index of Story of Newcastle-on-tyne and now of Great Ilford, Essex.
4.Pedigree Index of Rothbury Storeys. Chiefly of Trewhit, Flotterton and Catstron.
5.Pedigree Index of Storey of Felton, Snitter, Moral Hirst, West Hirst, Bluenocks, Knocklaw, and Hillside, Rothbury.
6.Storeys, Members of the Society of Friends
7.Pedigree Index of Storeys of Old Hutton and Troutbeck in the County of Westmorland.
8.Issues of Sons and Daughters of William Storey and Mary Storey, Née Greenup, of Low Ray.
9.Pedigree Index of Storey of Garstang.
10.Descents from William Storey, Second son of William Storey of Low Ray or Wray, and his wife, Mary Née Greenup, and Brother of Isaac Storey, Formerly of Troutbeck, Co. Westmorland, and of Bardsea-in-Furness.
11.Pedigree Index of Storey of Oxford.
12.Pedigree Index of Storey of Bolton-le-Sands and Storey Gardner.
13.Pedigree Index of Cartmel Storeys.
14.Pedigree Index of Story of Justice Town (Now Lynehow).
15.Pedigree Index of Story of the Lake and Branches.
16.Pedigree Index of Story of Cargo.
17.Pedigree Index of Story Family of Shaddon Gate, and Story of Evening Hill, Carlisle.
18.Subsidiary Lineage of Story alias Storey of Newcastle-on-Tyne, Brooklyn, U.S.A. Branch.
19.Pedigree Index of the family of G.A. Storey, Esq., R.A., London.
20.Pedigree Index of Patrickson family. I.
21.Pedigree Index of Patrickson family. II.
22.Pedigree Index of Patrickson family. III.
23.Pedigree Index of Whitehaven Patricksons.
24.Pedigree Index of Penrith Branch of Patricksons.
25.Pedigree Index of Sherren Family.
26.Pedigree Index of the Elmsted Lushingtons.
27.Pedigree Index of James Story of Carlisle.
28.Pedigree Index of Jonathon Story of Shaddongate. (Storeys of Old Comparision).
29.Pedigree Index of Moses Tyson Storey, Grandson of William Storey and Mary Greenup.