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Storeys / Storys mentioned in Cumberland Trade Directories.

Full copies of these lists can be found at Roland Grigg’s on-line Directories for Cumberland and Westmorland at

If you know of any other on-line trade directory or have any trade directories with Storeys / Storys in it, that can be included in this web page. Please contact Brad Storey.

Principal Inhabitants of Cumberland and Westmorland 1829
Principal Inhabitants of Cumberland 1847
Harriet Martineau's Directory of the Lake District 1855
Bulmer's Directory of Cumberland 1901


  • STORER Edw vict Quarter of Mutton Nanson's Lane Castle St Carlisle

  • STOREY Ann basket/swill mkr/toy dlr Fountain St Ulverston
  • STOREY Anthony farmer Lindeth
  • STOREY Anthony hairdresser Priestgate Workington
  • STOREY Anthony vict Golden Ball Priestgate Workington
  • STOREY Cath Great Dockray Penrith
  • STOREY Charles farmer West Ward Cottage Woodside
  • STOREY Chris farmer Barricks Town Westlinton
  • STOREY Francis banker's clerk Castle St Carlisle
  • STOREY Geo flour dlr/shopkeeper King St Wigton
  • STOREY Has master mariner Canal St Ulverston
  • STOREY Isaac schoolmaster Bardsea Green
  • STOREY John butcher Bardsea
  • STOREY John farmer Raisholme Lower Allithwaite
  • STOREY John farmer Stott Park Haverthwaite
  • STOREY John stonemason/waller entry lane Kendal
  • STOREY John vict Bugle Horn Parton
  • STOREY John yeoman Turnshaw Cumwhinton
  • STOREY John & Wm farmer Highouse Nixons
  • STOREY Jos vict Weary Traveller White Close Gate Tarraby
  • STOREY Leonard farmer Stocastead Bewcastle
  • STOREY Mary Tarnside Crosthwaite
  • STOREY Matthew tobacco pipe maker New Town Whitehaven
  • STOREY Richd attorney's clerk Great Dockray Penrith
  • STOREY Richd farmer Beck Foot Troutbeck
  • STOREY Richd master mariner Sand Side Ulverston
  • STOREY Thos stonemason Troutbeck
  • STOREY Thos vict Horse/dlr Newby Cross Cummersdale
  • STOREY Thos yeoman Lake Kirklinton
  • STOREY Wm blacksmith Netherfield Kendal
  • STOREY Wm joiner Aspatria

  • STORY Chris farmer Oulton
  • STORY Chris saddler Dalston
  • STORY Chris yeoman Little Orton
  • STORY Geo vict Sun Caldewgate Carlisle
  • STORY Jno shopkeeper/flour dlr Shaddengate Carlisle
  • STORY John clog/patten maker King's Arms Lane Carlisle
  • STORY John grocer/tea/flour dlr Shaddengate Carlisle
  • STORY John last/boot tree mkr King's Arms Lane Carlisle
  • STORY John wine merchant Shaddengate Carlisle
  • STORY John yeoman Cargo
  • STORY Jos shoemaker Oulton
  • STORY Margaret Allonby Rd Wigton
  • STORY Richd schoolmaster Bromfield
  • STORY Robt farmer Sprunston Blackwell
  • STORY Sarah farmer Dundraw
  • STORY Sarah Harrington
  • STORY Simon shopkeeper Crosby
  • STORY Thos grocer/tea/flour dlr Botchergate Carlisle
  • STORY Thos vict Drover Stanwix Carlisle
  • STORY Thos farmer East Holme Wampool
  • STORY Thos farmer Lesson Hall Waverton
  • STORY Wm shopkeeper Aspatria


  • STOREY Geo guide/boatman Keswick
  • STOREY Jno vict Bugle Horn Parton
  • STOREY Jos shoemaker/clogger Hensingham
  • STOREY Leonard farmer Stokastead Bewcastle Township
  • STOREY Robt & John farmer Charles Field Middle Qtr

  • STORY Anthony hair dresser Church St Work'ton
  • STORY Anthony vict Golden Ball Work'ton
  • STORY CARRUTHERS & McGIBBON mnfrs East Tower St Carlisle
  • STORY Chris grocer Dalston
  • STORY Chris saddler Dalston
  • STORY Francis mnfr 5 Abbey St Carlisle
  • STORY Jane Mrs Stainton
  • STORY Jno last mkr King's Arms Lane Carlisle
  • STORY John clog/patten mkr King's Arms Lane Carlisle
  • STORY John yeoman/tile maker Millrigg Fingland
  • STORY Jon Shadden Gate Carlisle
  • STORY Jos shoemaker Newton Arlosh
  • STORY Mary grocer/tea dlr Shaddongate Carlisle
  • STORY Mary wine/spirit merchant Shaddongate Carlisle
  • STORY Richd schoolmaster/grocer Waverton
  • STORY Richd & Mary academy Gt Dockray Penrith
  • STORY Robt farmer Little Orton
  • STORY Robt schoolmaster Sprunston
  • STORY Robt yeoman Sprunston
  • STORY Thos baker/flour dlr 81 Castle St Carlisle
  • STORY Thos Eastholme Wampool
  • STORY Thos farmer Fouldoors St Cuthberts Carlisle
  • STORY Thos farmer Lessonhall
  • STORY Thos vict Cross Keys Green Spot Fingland
  • STORY Thos yeoman Forester Fold Stoneraise
  • STORY Wm bird preserver King's Arms Lane Carlisle
  • STORY Wm boot/shoemkr Jacksons Yard C'mouth
  • STORY Wm currier High St Wigton
  • STORY Wm farmer Demesne Rockliff Castle


  • STOREY Alison farmer Lane Foot Troutbeck
  • STOREY Chris farmer Brow Top Troutbeck
  • STOREY Geo waller Lane Foot Troutbeck
  • STOREY Jane dress & staymaker Ambleside
  • STOREY Thos yeoman High Green Troutbeck

  • STORY Mrs Stone Cliff Windermere


  • STOREY Arthur postman 9 Derwent street Keswick
  • STOREY Geo 11 St John's st Keswick
  • STOREY Geo Wm glass dealer 21 Lawson St Maryport
  • STOREY Geo Wm South Tyne house Alston
  • STOREY Jane and Ann Little Orton Baldwin Holme
  • STOREY John Garriestown Rockcliffe Castle
  • STOREY John grocer 110 High St Maryport
  • STOREY John hind for John Clark The Hole Alston
  • STOREY John Newby Cross Baldwin Holme
  • STOREY John roadman Cargo
  • STOREY John T cashier 12 Myddleton St Carlisle
  • STOREY Jph coal agent Mote Hill Maryport
  • STOREY Kendall dentist 16 Horn hill Millom
  • STOREY Misses Eliz M & Sarah A Station St Maryport
  • STOREY Mrs A~nn shopkeepeor Elleonborough pl Maryport
  • STOREY Mrs E A The Heads Keswick
  • STOREY Mrs Eleanor A Iodgings The Heads Keswick
  • STOREY Mrs Emily 26 Wellington row W'haven
  • STOREY Mrs Mary grocer Talkin
  • STOREY Robt grocer The Wood Whinfell
  • STOREY Thos Jas dentist Temple Croft Alston
  • STOREY Tom postman 7 Borrowdale road Keswick
  • STOREY William Lodge Cottage Flimby
  • STOREY Wm clerk 10 College St W'haven
  • STOREY Wm Cummersdale

  • STORY - nurse Newlands row Boltons
  • STORY Christopher Toppin hill Petterill Crook
  • STORY David provision dealer 8 Gibbon's Ct Scotch St Carlisle
  • STORY Geo & Son bleachers Holme works Carlisle
  • STORY Geo Arthur (Geo Story & Son) 18 Warwick Sq Carlisle
  • STORY Geo Marshside The Hill
  • STORY Geo warehouseman 11 Wigton Rd Carlisle
  • STORY Henry grocer 1 Church St Carlisle
  • STORY J and W Brookside tannery Wigton
  • STORY Jas market gardener Oulton
  • STORY Jas vict Maltsters' Arms 15 John st Carlisle
  • STORY John 10 King Street Wigton
  • STORY John and Wm Demesne Rockcliffe Castle
  • STORY John Bank End Cargo
  • STORY John currier (John & Wm Story) h Kirkland Woodside
  • STORY John Head of Haile Haile
  • STORY John shoemaker 26 Orchard St Carlisle
  • STORY Jon tailor and woollen draper 10 King St Penrith
  • STORY Jonathan 10 King st Penrith
  • STORY Jonathan 8 St James' Rd Carlisle
  • STORY Messrs Charlesfield Middle Qtr
  • STORY Miss Margt J dressmaker 32 Lorne st Carlisle
  • STORY Miss Ruth Eliz 56 South Petteril St Carlisle
  • STORY Miss Ruth Grinsdale
  • STORY Mrs Ann Norfolk villas 6 Norfolk Rd Carlisle
  • STORY Robt Waingate Head Hethersgill
  • STORY T Victoria Hotel King Street Wigton
  • STORY Thos joiner and cartwright Moorhouse
  • STORY Walter Palmer Dalston Rd Carlisle
  • STORY Wm tanner h West house West street