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Origins of the name Storey / Story.

A Dictionary of English Surnames.

The Standard Guide to English Surnames.

P.H. Reaney & R.M. Wilson
ISBN 0-19-863146-4
Source: State Library of Victoria G 942 R 230 (1995)

Storah v. Storer

Storer, Storah, Storrar, Storror, Storrow:
William le Estorur 1309 Guisb (Y); Thomas le Storer 1322 SRCu; Adam le Storour 1357 AssSt; John Storrer 1501 Gild Y; William Sturror 1534 Black; Bessie Storrar 1732 ib.
A derivative of ME storen "to Store', from OFv estorer 'to build, establish, furnish, stock', or of the corresponding noun ME stor, OFr estor 'store'. 'Storer', perhaps 'keeper or overseer of the provisions for a household'(1540 NED), or as suggested by Bardsley, 'wool-storer, warehouseman'. In Scotland, the tenant of a sheep farm was called a 'Storemaster' and the Storour had charge of the flocks and herds. For Storah, Storrow, cf. FARRAR and FARROW.

Storey, Storie, Story, Storrie, Storry:
Stori, Estori 1066 DB; Soricus de Wycham 1132-60 Miller (C); Reginaldis filius Story 1219 AssY; Alexander Story 1248 FFEss; William Stori 1281 Black (Dundee). ON Stóri.

Abbreviations used:
AssSt - Assize Rolls: Staffs (Salt Arch. Soc (OS) 3-7,1882-6; Seldon Soc.59,1940.
AssY - Assize Rolls: Yorks (York Arch. Soc. 44, 100, 1911, 1939; Seldon Soc. 56, 1937.
(C) - Circa
DB - Derbyshire
FFFEss - Feet of Fines: Essex (Essex Arch. Soc. 4 Vols, 1899 - 1964)
GildY - Register of the Guild of the Corpus Christi in the City of York (Surtees Soc. 57, 1872).
Guisb(Y) - Cartularium prioratus de Gyseburne. (Surtees Soc. 86, 89, 1889, 1894)
ON - Old Norse
SRCu - Subsidy Rolls: Cumb (J.P. Steel, Cumberland Lcy Subsidy ... 6th Edward III, Kendal 1912)

Other origins of the name Storey / Story, refer to The Storeys of Old.